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Awaken to Your Inner Wisdom with the Tarot

Honest Insight. Empowering Advice. Best Life Creation.

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Hello there, I’m Deirdre.

Welcome to The Willow Path Tarot, I’m the Magician behind the curtain here. My mission is to help you gain clarity and take empowered action in your life. I use the tarot cards to do just that. Tarot is a powerful tool we can use to access your inner wisdom, bring awareness to your choices, and work through the challenges of life in order to appreciate the greatest joys.

I offer email tarot readings, audio readings, live online readings through Skype, and in-person tarot readings in the southern Vermont area. Through the tarot, I offer support to help you meet your goals and create your best life. I notice your progress and empower you to reach for the stars and deep into your soul. Let’s make the most out of this beautiful, wild world we live in together and create a true and meaningful connection. I look forward to meeting you!

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