The Willow Path Tarot
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Finding Answers to all of Life’s Questions With the Tarot

Honest Insight. Empowering Advice. Transformation Support.

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Hello there, I’m Deirdre. Welcome to The Willow Path Tarot.

A tarot reading can help you when you feel confused, stuck, lost, caught between choices, or uncertain and doubtful about your personal power.

My readings will invoke your self awareness, help you gain clarity and understand your situation, empower you to make choices, and offer guidance for your future actions.

The tarot can help you consciously acknowledge the answers that dwell deep inside of you. You can confront blocks, resistance, fear, and uncertainty. You can learn and grow. You can reveal deeper layers of your most authentic, higher self. You can transform your life.

Through the tarot, I offer support to help you meet your goals and create your best life. I notice your progress and empower you to reach for the stars and deep into your soul. I look forward to meeting you!

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