Here's what people are saying about readings from The Willow Path Tarot

"Thank you so much for this reading! There's always so much insight in all of your readings. I actually printed this one out and sat down to read it and think about. Very spot on and helpful for me." ~ Jenn W.

"You proved once again how intuitive and deeply helpful you are with Tarot! I glanced through the cards received before I read your detailed insight and when processed through my own (still evolving) Tarot meanings I was disheartened... but of course when I read your insight I was floored at how PRECISE to ME the message was! (Aka, you are gifted!)... I have to change (and am ready to) but now that I am ready to try again I worry I will just repeat old mistakes, but my reading from you assures me it will be different next time. :D  Thank you so much!" ~ Jacqueline

“The Willow Path Tarot is my go-to source for guidance when stuck on a question. Deirdre communicates the cards clearly and effectively in language that is easier for me to relate to than found in DIY sites, or apps.” ~Alison W.

"Wow, Deirdre. That was really powerful. Thank you. You put a lot of work into that. It was very clear and poignant. So on point with everything in my life. There's a lot to think about here, I don't really know where to begin, but I'm sure I'll be looking back to your email for a reminder to stay on track and for advice..... I actually felt like this was the first time that someone has understood *exactly* the amount of pressure that I'm under right now. That, alone, is invaluable. I really can't thank you enough.  It brought tears to my eyes, in the good way." ~Sarah D.

"Thank you for the insightful, challenging, spot on New Years reading.  Every time I receive an email from you I feel both excited and nervous to read through the wisdom you have to share.  Each line is a reminder that I'm both understood and capable of shaping my future in spite of any and all obstacles that I'm facing.  You have a gift for interpreting the Tarot cards in a way that makes me feel empowered and optimistic about the future." ~Maggie W.

“The intentionality and depth in your readings is palpable and present.I was skeptical about it at first because I was not seemingly "part" of it. However, my skepticism quickly eroded once I received your reading / report detailing the process, cards selected, and implications of the cards. It is why I keep coming back!”
~ Jonathan K.