A Tarot Reading for the New Moon in Taurus: May 4th, 2019

Happy New Moon in Taurus! It’s such a lovely time of year as spring deepens in the northern hemisphere. The earth is awakening, each day blooming and opening just a little bit more. This is a profoundly potent time for personal renewal as the Earth renews its flowers and leaves and the Moon renews it’s waxing journey towards fullness. Make it a priority to spend time in nature, taking a walk, looking at the spring flowers, breathing in the warming air. These are not frivolous pursuits but rather the fuel for your soul to flourish.

This process of flourishing should not be rushed. It should be indulged in, luxuriated in, soaked deep into the bones. Taurus likes to take her time, reveling in the richness of life. Be patient, gentle, and relaxed in your self-reflection and intention setting at this New Moon. Focus on the beautiful, lovely, abundant aspects of your life in order to attract more of these Taurus characteristics into your life. Let’s all set the intention to slow down and enjoy this New Moon time.

Here is a tarot reading for us all to help us set our intentions at this New Moon:

Ostara Tarot: Death reversed, IX of Cups, VIII of Pentacles reversed

Ostara Tarot: Death reversed, IX of Cups, VIII of Pentacles reversed

Intention: I intend to be grateful for the abundance in my life.
How can I better appreciate the beauty in my life, being grateful for my abundance?

Death reversed: All forms are impermanent, that is the essence of Death. Nothing in this world lasts forever, not you, not me, not the mountains, not the sea. The timeline for how long something will exist is different for each thing, but overall there’s no arguing with the knowledge that the Universe came into existence at a certain point and it will cease to exist at some unknown point in the future.

The important thing is the not knowing. Not knowing how long we will live, how long we will be healthy, how long we will have this job, how long we will have that relationship, how it will all change- but it will all change. The time we get to enjoy it all is now. The time we get to be abundant and grateful is now. Death reminds us to bask in the glory of all we have at this very moment.

Death reversed also reminds us that when things are bad or hard or painful, those things too will change. Despair is when we succumb to the idea that tomorrow will be just as shitty as today. Death reversed says, “Don’t despair, this too shall pass.” We can get curious and thoughtful about why we feel horrible, what is hurting us, how things need to change, and we can accept that change will occur.

Now is the time to be grateful for change, knowing that when things are tough, they won’t stay this way forever. You will get through this and come out on the other side with new skills and knowledge. Keep doing the work of confronting and accepting your change. Be patient and gentle with yourself during the process.

Intention: I intend to make progress towards my goals.
How can I be more practical in order to make progress with my goals?

IX of Cups: At first glance, there doesn’t seem to be anything practical at all about the IX of Cups. Everyone in the image is sleeping and traditionally the cards represents wishes fulfilled. It’s a happy, contented card that doesn’t scream, “Go after your goals with a gusto!" Instead, going along with Death reversed, this card is saying that now is the time for allowing. You have worked hard, laid out your goals, done your manifestation magic, worked your ass off and now you get to see what unfolds from all that action.

Look around you at your life, have you actually just accomplished a big goal or project? Did you take notice? Did you congratulate yourself? Did you celebrate? So often, we don’t take a pause to notice, “Holy shit, I just met my goal!” Instead we think, “Okay, what’s next?” Seriously, no pause at all to be wowed by our excellence or even give a small pat on the back.

WTF, not okay. Set the intention to acknowledge all the progress you have made. Instead of a list of goals for the future, take time to write down a big list of everything you have done. Write down the small steps and write down the big wins. Don’t stop writing until you have at least 30 things on your list of accomplishments for the year so far. I know you’ve done that much. I bet you’ve done a 100 things from your to do list. I don’t care if your goal was to hit the snooze bar only once each morning and you succeeded in doing that 3 times this year- write that shit down, you are amazing.

Noticing the progress you have made is actually hugely helpful in making future progress. Here you are telling the Universe how skilled, smart, hard-working, and appreciative of yourself that you are. You are saying, “I’m an awesome person who goes after her goals. Look at me! Look what I’ve done!” This helps transform your thinking about yourself from a perspective of having so much left to do, to a perspective that you are crushing it on the daily.

Don’t look around and compare yourself to what anyone else is doing, either. Comparison is the thief of joy. This is about you, what you’re doing, what you’ve accomplished, and what you’re capable of. Whatever your best is, that’s your best. Whatever someone else’s best is, that is for her. Comparison, whether you are feeling inferior or superior is not helpful here. Focus on yourself. Love yourself. Acknowledge yourself.

Intention: I intend to take good care of my health.
What does my body need to thrive in the month ahead?

VIII of Pentacles reversed: Your body needs a break from the grind! Stop what you are doing. Put down the tools of your trade. Close your eyes. Breathe in deeply. Fill up your stomach with air, then your chest, then up to the crown of your head. Expand your body with beautiful, light-filled air. Hold that light, let it fill you. Now slowly, ever so slowly, release and empty yourself of all stress, pain, and worry. This is your meditation practice.

It isn’t easy to for us to slow down. At least where I live in the USA, it is considered a measure of your value and worth as a human being to be busy, ambitious, working, creating, doing. ALL THE TIME. The VIII of Pentacles reversed asks you to question that value this moon cycle. What if you weren’t always working? What if you had down time? What if you rested? How would your body feel if it wasn’t pushed to its limit each day?

The secret is that you can accomplish more if you work less. You’ve heard the saying, “Work smarter, not harder.”? I bet you have. Working smarter means taking breaks, giving your mind, body and soul time to integrate the things you’ve learned. Worker smarter means sleeping and resting so that your brain and muscles can catch up, process, learn, and retain. After the resting process new insights emerge, new strength appears, and energy rekindles to get you to the next step. Without these breaks for integration you burn out, you get tired, you grow weaker, you fall ill. Your body needs a break right now, so honor the pause.

Okay, there is the reading for the collective for the New Moon in Taurus on May 4th, 2019. I hope you enjoyed it! If you would like to get a personal New Moon reading, or a tarot reading focused on any aspect of your life, please hop on over to my readings page and order one today. I look forward to working with you!