Claiming Your Inner Devil with the Aries New Moon, April 5th, 2019

Every New Moon holds a special energy for intention setting and new beginnings, yet this Aries New Moon could hold the greatest potential for a fresh start of all the New Moons this year. The New Moon in Aries is a marker of the beginning of the astrological year as Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. It brings a sense of renewal. Just as spring energy emerges in the northern hemisphere, you can plant the seeds now that will lead to your inner growth in the year ahead. Aries supports you in taking action, in expressing your individuality, and forging ahead out of your comfort zone. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to set intentions with the New Moon that could be the start of an amazing year!

I drew some cards for us to get in the intention setting mood! Let’s see what advice the tarot has to offer the collective at this time:

The Wild Unknown Tarot: Father of Pentacles, V of Cups, The Devil

The Wild Unknown Tarot: Father of Pentacles, V of Cups, The Devil

What area of my life requires immediate action for renewal?- Father of Pentacles reversed
You need to get your feet on the ground, your head out of the clouds, and start taking some responsible actions. It’s very likely that you know exactly what you need to do to get yourself on track, you’re just resisting and avoiding that knowledge like the plague, “Adulting is hard! Wahhhh!” Dudes, I am right there with you, wanting things to be easy, wanting to eat pizza for every meal, hoping that my car will magically get inspected without me even having to call the garage. Maybe I’ll win the lottery and pay off my credit card debt even if I never buy a ticket, or I’ll get into amazing shape by just looking at my running shoes, or find that dream job simply by telling the Universe that I want it and waiting for it to fall in my lap. You get the picture, we are all guilty of knowing what it takes to live the life of our dreams and then going right ahead and not doing anything to make it happen. This Aries New Moon wants you to take a stand and say, “No more procrastination and avoidance!” It’s time to put your money where your mouth is, although I’m not suggesting that you actually start buying lottery tickets. That just helps the Man get rich and keeps you in chains (more about chains with The Devil card later).

So at this New Moon, it’s time to take control of yourself and your life. Put down that pint of ice cream and turn off the sixth episode of that show you’re binge watching even though you’re kinda bored and it isn’t really that good anyway. Start using your agency and your authority over yourself to make practical changes. You don’t have to go overboard and start ten new habits right now, but you gotta start somewhere. Maybe write down the ten healthy habits you know you want to incorporate into your life and choose one or two to take on at this New Moon. Aries energy supports creative and fun habits, so if you’re say you’re trying to exercise more, join a class or look for a YouTube series on something like zumba or hip hop dance or a frisbee golf team. Doing something you’re never done before and making it playful will help you ingrain those new habits with ease this month. Aries likes movement and spontaneity so it might be better to simply note that you want to start paying off your debt and wait until next month’s Taurus New Moon to go all on in on the details of that plan. Working with the energy of the Moon can bring more ease and grace into your intention setting. Aries gives good vibes to what is fun, unique to your personality, and creatively expressive.

What can I do or create to better express my personality and individuality?- V of Cups reversed
It’s time to stop worrying and obsessing about the past and move on already. Yes, Aries is the first sign of the zodiac so you have great support for leaving the past behind and stepping out on a whole new path. What that path doesn’t need to involve is you dragging along regrets, remorse, guilt, shame, and other toxic feelings that are not useful. And believe me, none of that crap is useful. You know what is is useful?- self-forgiveness. When you show kindness and compassion for the past you that did the those things that present you is still hung up on, you allow a softening and an easing that invites forgiveness. This doesn’t mean that you condone the things that you feel that you did wrong. It simply means that you don’t carry around that guilt anymore. You made a mistake, that doesn’t mean you should punish yourself for that mistake forever. It doesn’t! Stop arguing with me! Perhaps you knew better even then, but perhaps you were just doing the best you could with the skills and wisdom that you had at the time. Either way, you have made a commitment to not repeating those past mistakes and you love and accept yourself in your present incarnation. Now act like a person who loves and accepts herself!

The reversed V of Cups also asks you to take some risks. You are ready to move on from the safe zone of living in past hurts and regrets and actually start making shit happen for yourself. You are ready to accept responsibility for yourself and take control of your life. Taking risks can really challenge you emotionally, so continue to be kind and gentle with the efforts you do make. They might not be huge (but they could be!) and they may not lead to instant, massive success. You may be tempted to call it quits after a failure or a setback. Don’t do this. Remember to keep going, keep at it, don’t give up. The only real failure is when you stop trying. Setbacks keep us humble, which is actually a good thing. If we were all on the constant, uninterrupted progress train we would become insufferably arrogant. The only things you really need to be good at in life is trying, having faith, learning from your mistakes, believing in yourself, and continuing to put one foot in front of the other.

How can I access my courage and push myself out of my comfort zone?- The Devil
The Devil is the ultimate fiery, badass, Aries energy! The ram on this image of The Devil card is the very ram that symbolizes Aries. Don’t be afraid to access your inner fire, your inner passion, that strength inside of you that does what she wants for herself and no one else. We receive a lot of messages from society as we grow up and as we try to fit into this world. “Don’t be too aggressive,” when you are simply asserting yourself. “Don’t be too sexy,” when you are really just comfortable in your body. “Don’t be too ambitious,” when you actually have the skills and strengths necessary for the job. We are all guilty of holding ourselves back out of fear, out of feeling like we aren’t enough or that we aren’t ready yet, but someday we’ll be ready… Okay, ya’ll, courage is doing that thing you really want to do when you aren’t ready yet. Stepping out of your comfort zone is UNCOMFORTABLE!! I mean, sometimes it is so super uncomfortable that you cry and rage, and that is fine. Throw a fit. Do it. The Devil loves huge displays of emotion and drama! All done? Great, now after your hissy fit, you do that thing, you make that leap into the unknown and you go after what you really want!

Even after that incredibly powerful pep talk I just gave you, you still may be thinking, “Deird, no way. I just can’t. I have this thing holding me back and this other thing and I haven’t even mentioned this last thing.” Big sigh from me. Yes, we all have chains holding us back and some of them are real. You may have a chronic illness, or a learning disability, or PTSD from past trauma, etc. It may help to consider that we all have limitations, we all suffer, you are not alone in that your life hold many difficulties. You can’t find a person alive who hasn’t gone through pain, known death, loss, injury, trauma, or pain. It is part of the human experience. What you do have control over is your attitude about those experiences. Do you make them into chains that mean you can’t enjoy your life and know happiness? Do you make your addictions, your mistakes, your self doubt into an identity that cannot be overcome or just plain discarded for the truth of who you are? The Devil asks you to reconsider your inner demons, your bias towards negativity, your sense that there are things you just can’t accept about your life, and break free from that mindset. Choose instead a mindset that allows for happiness to exist in a new form, that you can both suffer and live an amazingly fulfilling and loving life at the same time.

I hope you enjoyed this New Moon tarot reading for the collective! If you would like a personalize tarot reading, I am available for email, Skype, or in-person readings. Just head over to my readings page to book today! I look forward to hearing from you :) Happy New Moon in Aries!