A Tarot Reading for the Full Moon in Scorpio, May 18th, 2019

I hope you have been enjoying the transformational energy of the Full Moon in Scorpio! Scorpio rules over the space between Life and Death: the flow, the change, the transition from one way of being into the next. Since the Full Moon is a beautiful time to release and let go of what is no longer serving you, Scorpio lends its support in releasing fear, allowing change, and making the transition into the next phase of your existence. Let’s take a look at each of the intentions we set at the last New Moon in Taurus on May 4th and see what the tarot now advises us to release in order to move more gracefully towards this month’s intentions.

Ostara Tarot: The Fool, King of Wands reversed, IX of Pentacles

Ostara Tarot: The Fool, King of Wands reversed, IX of Pentacles

Intention: I intend to be grateful for the abundance in my life.
What do you need to release in order to allow abundance into your life? - The Fool

There is a need to release the idea of starting over with a blank slate. There’s a certain amount of avoidance in that type of desire, a desire to erase the past, forget it ever happened, be reborn without memory. Sorry ya’ll, that is not a thing. There’s no magic amnesia bullet that will allow you to skip over all that has come before. That’s not what Scorpio is about and that’s not what life is about in general. You are a cumulative being. The experiences that you have had are what make you the person that you are now. The honest truth of the matter is, the struggles you have, the hard times, the downright horrible experiences, those are actually the most formative. Your bad times and how you handle them, what you learn, how you grow, that’s how you end up as awesome and badass as you are at this very moment. At this Full Moon in Scorpio, release the naïve desire to be reborn as The Fool without a past. Instead, be grateful for all that has come to lead you to be the person you are right at this moment, fully lovable and accepted.

Intention: I intend to make progress towards my goals.
What do you need to release in to order to make progress towards your goals?- King of Wands reversed

You also need to release an ultimate vision of the future, the way things must be in order for you to be happy and healthy. Yes, it is great to envision the future, make a beautiful collage of everything you want to manifest, write long, detailed goal sheets of exactly how things will go down in your ideal future. The key is not to get too attached to those visions though. There is more than one way to reach your goal to live a happy and healthy life. Do put your vision out there and ask the Universe for what you want, but also allow that much of what happens in this life is outside of your control. At the New Moon, you can write out your intentions and your goals with the added caveat, “This or something better I intend for myself,” or “Whatever is for my highest good will manifest in my life.” Releasing control to fate is not saying that you aren’t taking responsibility for your life, it simply allows an energy that you can flow with, instead of swimming madly against the tide demanding things work out a certain way.

Intention: I intend to take good care of my health.
What do you need to release to take better care of your health now?- IX of Pentacles

At the New Moon, the tarot offered the VIII of Pentacles reversed as a health goal, advising a bit of a rest and break from the grind. Now, at the Full Moon the IX of Pentacles shows the fruits of that rest. You are now more capable of enjoying your body and your health. Connecting with your body gives you a deep feeling of well being that is your ultimate goal. I’m not suggesting that you need to release the feeling of well being, but rather to deepen that connection. Release the cultural aversion to being content and enjoying yourself as you are now. You can love yourself just as you. You don’t need to wait until you are healthier in order to love and accept yourself. You will know it is time to set new healthy lifestyle goals to get fitter, stronger, faster, cleaner when you can envision reaching those goals without losing your healthy self esteem and love for your body. You can both love yourself exactly as you are and also be inspired to make healthy changes. The IX of Pentacles asks you to release the idea that you need to change something about your body in order to be lovable and acceptable.

Great! There is your check in on your monthly moon cycle intentions at the Full Moon in Scorpio. I hope you enjoyed it and that you are having a wonderful moonth! Please get in touch if you would like a tarot reading. I have some availability for email readings at this time.

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Deirdre Doran