Tarotscopes for November- Happy Birthday Scorpios!

Welcome to the wonderful month of November!  We are definitely in the tail end of 2015 now, so it's a great time to consider all that you've accomplished thus far and make a super short list of a couple things you want to get done before the year is out. Good luck! With the Sun in Scorpio we are all experiencing an energy of death and rebirth, with a surge towards letting things go that no longer serve us. Perhaps there are things on that To Do List that aren't important to you anymore- cross them off now! No need to waste your time on goals of the past. For all of you Scorpios out there, this is your time to shine with the Sun riding high in your sign. Make a wish for your new year of life with the clear intention to follow through on that goal. Here are your tarotscopes for November! IX of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot

Scorpio- IX of Swords You are totally ready to confront and tackle your fears and anxieties this month, Scorpio friends. The image of the IX of Swords brings to mind the stuff of your worst nightmares, the things buried deep within that wake you up at night in a cold sweat.You're not taking any more of that same old bullshit this year. You are a master of confronting the mysteries of life, you know how to go within and be reborn. This is a whole new year of your life, the perfect time to shed the past and experience rebirth! It's time to vanquish deep hidden fears, bring them out of the dark, and conquer them. You are a person of intense emotional currents that flow through and around you. This year brings a challenge to face your fears, to rule with your mind instead of letting your mind rule you, to direct the currents of your emotions. You are up to the challenge! Happy Birthday Scorpios!

Sagittarius- IV of Cups An uncharacteristically, introspective month awaits you, my happy Sag friends. Perhaps this last month before your birthday has got you thinking about yourself, your place in the world, and how you feel about your life. Use this period of self reflection to your advantage in order to do some deep inner work. Don't just avoid your real life difficulties by shutting yourself off. Work on yourself first in order to tackle outer issues with inner strength.

Capricorn- VIII of Cups The VIII of Cups mirrors the energy of the Scorpio New Moon to release and let go. It can be very hard to walk away from a past love, or job, or life situation that once dominated your world and even made you quite happy.  Just because something was perfect for you in the past, does not necessitate that situation continuing to be the right one for you. With this New Moon, look into your heart and really examine the burdens of the past that you can begin to let go of and gently move away with grace and an open heart.

Aquarius- V of Cups reversed Leave regrets and hard feeling in the past this month, my serious Aquarius friends. When you release the hurt emotions of the past you make space in your heart for new feelings of happiness and peace. The V of Cups reversed supports this release and indicates that you really are ready to move on.  Regrets serve no purpose but to keep you trapped in the past, instead of immersed in the possibilities of the present.

Pisces- The Empress A time of abundance and flourishing, creation is upon you now, my dreamy Fish friends. This month, focus on what you want to birth into this world. Get in touch with your feminine side which supports the subconscious, your inner world, and your ability to accept and flow with the energy of the Universe. The Empress is the mother of us all, so contemplating motherhood, Mother Nature, and the Goddess are all supported activities this coming month. Be sensual and present in your physical body to increase your power.

Aries- Father of Wands reversed Once again, you're riding high on expectations for yourself that might be a bit out of wack with reality, my feisty Ram friends. You are a seriously capable person, but even you can't do it all. Dream big, but then bring those dreams down to reality with an action plan that is actually doable. Don't neglect your inner world when making these dreams, it's not all about what you can accomplish out there, but how it makes you feel inside that ultimately determines the level of your success in your endeavors.

Taurus- X of Wands November has you feeling a bit overburdened and struggling to decide what your priorities are going forward. It's great to be inspired and full of ideas and projects, but when you take on too much, all those ideas suffer from lack of focus, time, and resources. You can decide now if you want to take the hard road and keep spreading yourself thin over a dozen projects, or narrow your focus and accomplish one or two things at a time. The choice is yours, but know things aren't going to get any easier trying to do it all.

Gemini- Mother of Pentacles The Mother of Pentacles is here to nourish, love and support you this month, lucky Geminis. Ask yourself if this is an energy that you wish to embody in order to show kindness and generous to those who you hold most dearly in your life, or to the inhabitants of this world in general. Or perhaps you are looking for this kind of unconditional love from a person in your life. Do not be afraid to ask someone to take care of you in your time of need this coming November.

Cancer- V of Wands reversed Things are going to start falling into place this month in regards to your passions and inspirations, Crabby friends. Conflicting ideas and emotions will resolve and lead you to be more focused and on target toward completing your projects for this year. If you have been at odds with your coworkers or friends, look for a conflict resolution this month, and be hopeful that all that intensity will result in some really impassioned work.

Leo- IX of Pentacles reversed November is not going to pass you idly by, my brave little Lions. You are ready for action and hard work! Unfortunately, all that huffing and puffing towards your goals might find you expending way too much energy on work, with limited results. In fact, you would do better to work less, but more efficiently, so you have time for fun leisure activities. We all need that balance of work and play in our lives to keep us healthy and happy.

Virgo- The Devil reversed If you have felt awfully restricted and locked down, expect some relief this November, my Virgo friends. Get ready to detach and break free from the bonds that are keeping you down. You are ready to see past the greed of materialism, the addictions of our society, and do your own things, wild and free. Don't be afraid to get riled up and passionate about your interests and goals. The Devil wants you to take your power back.

Libra- III of Wands reversed Be careful that you haven't lost track of your life vision, Libra old pal. What are your long-term goals? What is your plan of attack? If you are experiencing delays or obstacles, do not be overly dismayed by the setbacks. Life does not often go according to plan, but completely giving up or being inflexible to adjust the plan to keep yourself on track, only punishes yourself. Reexamine your priorities and keep you dream alive and in focus!

May you each have the best and most beautiful month ahead!