Love and Despair with the Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups Rider Waite deck The Knight of Cups comes up as my card of the day quite often. I am a Cancer, so I relate to his watery, emotional energy quite easily. The Knight of Cups can be moody and emotionally volatile, which I´m afraid to say is often all to applicable to little old me. He is first deeply lovey dovey, and then a moment later he is hopelessly fornlorn at the merest slight. Generally, I strive to be more Queen of Cups in my internal world, and King of Cups in my social interactions, but there is always that tendency to fall back into moody moody land. So, I take the appearance of the Knight of Cups very seriously in my daily draw. I think, ok, today might be a difficult day. Let me keep the lessons of the Knight of Cups fresh in my mind and try my best to use my knowledge of challenges to come to help me put my best foot forward.  Here are my thoughts on the Knight of Cups when I draw this card in a reading:

The Knight of Cups starts as a peaceful, calm and steady energy. He rides a gentle steed at a slow, and thoughtful pace, entering your life on a warm breeze. Your heart lightens with loving and soft emotions. You have a strong desire to open up and offer those heartfelt emotions to those you truly love. You hold out your Cup, an offering but also a sign of your surrender. You honestly believe that your best intentions will come shining through clearly and extend a rainbow of joy between yourself and your beloved.

Knight of Cups Shadowscapes Tarot

Things start to go awry when your offered connection and joyful heartsong is not heard or misunderstood by your intended. The Knight is a bit naive and easily crushed with depression when his Cup of love is rejected, misunderstood or ignored. Can´t the whole wide world feel the sincerity or his intentions? Why is his lover purposely being so cruel? The Knight does not understand that his communication methods may be faulty and immediately plunges into despair at the first signs of rejection or dismissal. His moods are as fragile as the wings upon his helm.

The emotional ups and downs of the Knight of Cups can be dramatic and discouraging. When he shows up in a reading about yourself, pay careful attention to where you are investing your feeling with incredible depth and determination. You may be surprised to find that you are not showing or expressing your love, joy, and acceptance quite as well as you might expect. Take heart, and try not to crash into depression and withdraw into a shell of hurt feelings when this disconnect becomes apparent. If other people are missing your message, instead of sinking into depression, renew and vary your attempts to get through. Hold onto that special feeling, stand your ground, and work through it.

I tend to be a rather shy person, whose tendency to keep my emotions to myself can come across as cold and aloof to those with a more fiery disposition. My Aquarius moon lends an air of distanced perspective to my emotions that rubs a lot of people the wrong way. How can I be so rational about deep emotions? Why no angry fireworks? Well, the Knight of Cups is much more likely to ride downtrodden to a solitary location to cry it out well and good. This coping mechanism may work well for you when you draw this Knight. Just remember that the tears are meant to be a cathartic release and not an excuse for extended wallowing. Release your watery emotions and then climb right back on that horse with a clear intention to be steady, calm, and trust your intuition.