Tarotscopes for October- Happy Birthday Libras!

Welcome to the wonderful month of October, tarot lovers! Beautiful spring days are blooming in the Southern Hemisphere where I am traveling now. Meanwhile, bright fall colors are emerging into their full glory up in the Northern Hemisphere from whence I came.  What a glorious month October is all over the Earth and every Libra is lucky to call this their birthday time of year.  Without further ado, here are your tarotscopes for the month of October! Enjoy! IV of Wands rxed Deviant Moon Tarot

Happy Birthday Libra! IV of Wands reversed Birthdays are always a time of transition and this year finds you reflecting deeply upon what growing another year older means to you, beautiful Libra friends. There is a tendency this year to judge your accomplishments, your relationships and your physical place in the world and find them lacking. You may have a feeling of discouragement or dissatisfaction with where you are at now. Shouldn't you have a better job? Shouldn't you have the perfect relationship figured out? Shouldn't you have a beautiful and safe home and family life? I'm going to let you in on a little secret: the answer to those questions is a big NOPE!  You shouldn't be, have, or do anything specific or proscribed. Your life is your own, your journey is personal, you don't have to measure yourself against any standard. At your birthday time, work on accepting your path, your place, where you are at and who you are. Be present and thankful for being.  You don't have to do anything in particular but be your fullest self.

Scorpio- II of Swords It's decision making time, Eagle friends! Use your brain power, logic and rationality to determine what is the best course of action this October. Remember to keep your heart open to possibilities and allow that whatever path you choose, it is the only one that exists for you. There are no alternatives once you have decided so be peaceful with your choice.

Sagittarius- Knight of Swords You are ready to charge ahead on some new ideas this month, my little Archers. Your energy will be high and your ability to communicate will be strong, so use these skills to your advantage. This is a great time to map out an action plan for your goals. Write down your strategy, but do not be too hasty in ticking off your action items.  Be thorough!

Capricorn- III of Cups reversed October will be a tricky month for balancing work and play for you, Cappy friends. You may have a strong desire to party it up, but there just isn't time for that overindulgence. Try to integrate little doses of fun into your everyday life without going overboard. Fun in moderation will keep you on pace with your work without leaving you feeling neglected.

Aquarius- VI of Wands Accomplishments will abound in October for my Water Bearer friends. Pat yourself on the back for all that you have accomplished, and soak up the admiration of those around you who appreciate your hard work. There is still much to be done, but it's a good idea to sit back and enjoy your progress for a moment before diving back into the work again.

Pisces- Knight of Pentacles October is going to be a steady, plodding, routine month for you, Fish friends. A Knight is full of energy though, so at least you will have plenty of endurance to keep up your pace. You are building a strong foundation for yourself, but try to find some down time away from your work. Go explore the beauty of the natural world as a break from the routine.

Aries- X of Cups What a pleasant month October has in store for you, Ram friends! This will be a time of joy, peace, familial happiness, and contentment. Take the time to truly appreciate and be thankful for your life, your work, your people, and the world. Share emotions and kind words with those closest to you in order to make the most of this joyful month for you.

Taurus- King of Swords reversed Be wary of overly aggressive mental energy this month, Bull friends, either in yourself or from someone in a position of authority. You may feel a strong rational pull to exert your control over your life, the people you work with, or your family and friends.  Ease up on the logic, manipulation and bossy pants attitude- no one likes it! Alternatively, someone may be lording their authority over you and you certainly won't enjoy it.

Gemini- IX of Swords reversed There will be marked decrease in your worries and anxiety this month, Twins friends. Whatever has been hanging over your head, keeping you up at night, will start to dissipate. Expect to feel some relief or control over the workings of your mind. Remember that anxiety is nothing but a projection of a worse case future that does not exist now and most likely will not come to pass in the future. Stop living in the future and live now!

Cancer- Queen of Wands reversed This October will find you predisposed to spend some time in your shell, my Crab friends. While it's ok to shy from the limelight recuperating and being alone, make sure you aren't isolating yourself or holding yourself back from recognition of your awesomeness. You don't have to take center stage but make sure you at least show up and take credit for your contributions to the production.

Leo- IV of Pentacles Financial stability and physical control of your personal environment will be high on your priority list this month, Lion friends. It's great to feel stable and secure, but just remember that you can't take it with you when you die, so try to open to being generous with your abundance. Get real with yourself about what you actually physically need and what is just icing on the cake that perhaps is best shared with others.

Virgo- Justice October finds you seeking balance and fairness in your life, Virgin friends. How can you create a just environment for yourself and for those around you. It will be of utmost important to you to make sure you are not taking advantage of anyone, or being taking advantage of yourself. All must get their due share of your time. Keep a sharp eye out for where your energy seems like it is being demanded unfairly and nip that in the bud! Well, there you go! I hope you enjoyed these short Tarotscopes for October! These are supposed to be fun and get you thinking about monthly energies and the tarot.  Get in touch if you would like a reading tailored specifically to you. I do empowering and insightful 1 or 2 card readings for just $10!  Happy October!