Court Card Index for Your Enjoyment!

The Tarot Court Cards Learning the various meanings of the tarot court cards can be tricky business. I find it can be helpful, when studying the tarot court cards to relate the energy of each of these court cards to a particular feeling, situation, or person in my life. This practice brings the card to life for me, and helps me commit the essence of the card meaning into my memory. I've blogged about each of the courts cards and here is a handy index of all my those posts for your ease of enjoyment.  Yippee!:

Cups Page of Cups: Message of Love with the Page of Cups Knight of Cups: The Knight of Cups is in Love with Love Queen of Cups: The Queen of Cups Keeps Calm and Carries On King of Cups: A King Amongst Cups

Pentacles Page of Pentacles: The Page of Pentacles Loves to Learn Knight of Pentacles: The Knight of Pentacles Explores the Mundane Queen of Pentacles: The Queen of Pentacles Mothers Us All King of Pentacles: A King of Pentacles is a Green Man Indeed

Swords Page of Swords: The Page of Swords is Ready for a New Way of Thinking Knight of Swords: The Knight of Swords Charges Off Towards the Prize Queen of Swords: The Queen of Swords Knows That She Knows King of Swords: The King of Swords Scheduled this Post 2 Weeks Ago

Wands Page of Wands: Kick Off the Year with the Page of Wands Knight of Wands: The Knight of Wands Has Too Many Good Intentions Queen of Wands: Queen of Wanderers and Boundless Creativity King of Wands:  The King of Wands Has Some High Expectations