The King of Swords Scheduled this Blog Post 2 Weeks Ago

King of Swords Rider Waite Smith tarot I find it can be helpful, when studying the tarot court cards to relate the energy of each of these court cards to a particular feeling, situation, or person in my life. This practice brings the card to life for me, and helps me commit the essence of the card meaning into my memory. Today, I am channeling the energy of the King of Swords. As I've mentioned before, I'm currently on a vacation in South America for a total of three months. Much of this trip is planned as a vacation, which means I'm taking time off from blogging!  So how is it that this blog post is published today? I used the King of Swords excellent ability to see the big picture, plan and strategize, execute those plans, make decisions, and use his intellect to schedule this post two weeks ago! The King of Swords is the perfect persona to take on when getting ready at work to leave for an extended vacation.

I feel like the ruler of my little tarot kingdom pretty hard right now. I'm in command! This is the first time I'm writing posts ahead of time and scheduling them for this blog. The mental clarity of the King of Swords helped me map out what posts I wanted to write, when I could write them ahead of time, and when I should schedule them to post in order to have great content going up on the blog even while I'm on vacation.  The King of Swords kicks ass at this kind of logical work system, using his power of reason and analysis to make sure everything is fair and square before hitting "schedule" on these posts.

King of Swords Shadowscapes Tarot

The King of Swords also happens to be a great energy to channel for tarot readings. This King gives excellent advice and is therefore a great person to turn to for a tarot reading. His readings might not be as intuitive as others, but his knowledge of the cards will be impeccable. His ability to see the big picture helps him create a narrative from the cards that is so well articulated and logical, you will be easily understand the messages of the cards with him as your guide.  He doesn't leave out any of the messy or hard bits from a reading because of his high standards of truth and ethics which oblige him to reveal to you all that is revealed him.  That the fair thing to do. If you're trying to look at a situation objective, especially a personal situation when reading the cards for yourself, try working with the King of Swords to help you step back and gain that outsider perspective that he offers to a reading.

The example set by the King of Swords is great to look up to when you are feeling like slacking off.  To tell you the truth, it was very stressful and a lot of hard work to get these posts ready in time. I had lots of other things I needed to do to prepare for my trip and working twice as hard on this blog left little time for relaxing. But the King of Swords is stern and demanding. He knows that sometimes it needs to be all work in order for it to be all play later on. That's the double-edged sword he holds in his hand. That is fair. That is balance. The King of Swords doesn't let emotions get in the way, as he is objective and rational in his approach. He sees limitations and rationally figures out how to get around them or break through them.

7251090So today I use this powerful and authoritative energy of the King of Swords to follow through on the plans I have laid out for The Willow Path Tarot while I am abroad. The great news is that I am still available for readings while I am traveling, so feel free to get in touch if you would like to receive a personalized tarot reading direct to your inbox.  Or, even better, I would love to send you a tarot reading on a post card from one of the spots I stop at in South America!  Even the King of Swords loves to get some snail mail love every once in a while :)!