New Moon in Virgo Tarot Reading- Sept. 13, 2015

Happy New Moon in Virgo!  The New Moon time is a wonderful time of month to set intentions and goals for your next 4 week moon cycle.  Each New Moon is supported by the sign the moon is traveling through in our sky, so this month let's work on setting a couple of goals or intentions with Virgo characteristics in mind.  Virgo is an earth energy that supports the making of healthy choices and analytical problem solving. How can we use these Virgo strengths to set goals this month around health, healing, and radiating our highest self? Let's see what the tarot has to say! Son of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot

What will help me make health conscious choices this month?- Son of Swords The Son (or Knight) of Swords wants you to be logical about your decisions this coming month. This is a very determined, driven, and forceful energy. You are ready to charge ahead and get to it! This is a great month to take up a high energy activity, one that will give you a good connection to your physical body and blow off some steam. The Son is not all mental calculations though, he has a tendency to act from the gut and take off in the most likely direction. This kind of haste can be reckless, but it can also be intuitively right. Get in touch with your sense of knowing this month. What is it that you are just so sure about, you don't even question it? How can you expand that knowing to direct other parts of your life that feel more uncertain and illogical? This Son is all action, so he comes with the gentle reminder to be careful to make time for quiet contemplation.

V of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot

Where can I find healing this month?- V of Wands reversed Healing begins when you leave past conflicts behind you. There is no need to carry a grudge or constantly rehash old hurts and challenges. When you hold other people away from you, or isolate yourself from your challenges, you fail to go through the process of living. Life is difficult sometimes, but you have to face those challenges in order to learn and grow. The important thing is to then release the difficult time into the past, to move on without the baggage and wounds to which we so love to cling. When you release the past you are so much more able to focus clearly on yourself in this present moment and where you are headed in the future. Healing can only happen in the now. You can not go back in time and heal yourself and waiting for a future happiness may take forever. Act now to bring peace, joy and healing into your present moment.

How can I open up to radiate my highest sense of self?- Father of Swords The Father (or King) of Swords compliments the mental energy of the Son of Swords earlier. It's all about being logical this month. Ask yourself the simple question "Who am I? Who is my radiate self?" The Father of Swords is fair with himself and others, accepting the truth of words. Try writing down your answer to these questions and reading them out loud. Communicate it with others as well and see if your language is precise enough to make sense to another person. Be careful that you do not trap yourself in a box, though. There is a careful difference between the words that describe you and the person you are. You are not words, you are so much more. This Father has the courage and intellect to know what is true for himself, face that truth, accept himself, and bravely show that to all he meets. You too can embody his raw, power this month!

Best wishes at this New Moon in Virgo!  If you would like a personal New Moon reading this month get in touch soon!  This is a productive moment to get in tune with the helpful energy of intention setting. Forward!