Tarot Jam- Getting to Know Me

Hello and welcome to the first Tarot Jam Blog Hop! The theme for this blog hop is:  Get to Know Me as a Tarot Blogger!  This should be fun!  Here are some fun facts about me, my tarot journey, my tarot philosophy and how we can use tarot together. Please follow the links at the end of this blog to hop to the next tarot blogger and learn more about another awesome tarot reader blogging away on the interwebs. My Tarot Story (past, present, and, future)

Here's the van I live in, Lady!

I got my first tarot deck when I was 12, and still use this first Rider Waite Smith for many readings!  As many an adolescent girl in the 90s, I loved all things occult. Time went by and I left that interest kind of simmering on the back burner every since. Tarot has always been a part of my life, but in a casual way. I would do reading for myself or friends with the help of a book or the internet. Two years ago, I decided to move into a van to travel full time with my girlfriend, who is a touring musician. I wanted to have a way to make money on the road, so I decided to start using my tarot skills professionally. I created The Willow Path Tarot in January, 2014 and have been loving my small business. The future holds many more years of growing my business, blogging about tarot, and hopefully creating a deck of my own. I love photography, travel, and tarot and know there is a great concept for a tarot deck in that mix!

How I Believe Tarot Works I see tarot as a tool that mirrors or reflects the chaos of life. So often it is hard to see the big picture, everything that is happening to us and around us seems totally random. And so often it is! Tarot taps into that randomness with the shuffle of the cards. Yes, we have free-will and can make effective decisions to control our lives, but there are also many elements of our lives that are up to fate, or destiny, or simply out of our control. I see the tarot as a way to make sense of that chaos, or at least comfort us in our confusion. The pattern of the cards can bring up intuitive feelings and thoughts that can help us work through difficulties. If "answers" don't present themselves so easily, the time and space away from action when we are doing a tarot reading opens up room for healing, meditation, peace, and growth. Tarot reading can be a quiet time for self reflection with prompts that inspire our subconscious. Tarot allows us to examine our lives and interact with all that chaos of decisions, actions, fate, and flow that life contains.


A Tarot Spread to Try My favorite time to do a tarot reading is at the New Moon every four weeks.  This lends a routine aspect to my personal readings for myself that help me monitor progress, trends, and energy levels over the year. I can look back on what I was interested in at the last New Moon and either discard or take that energy forward.  The New Moon is a wonderful time for setting goals and intentions for the coming moon cycle, so each month I like to focus on one or two priorities, supported by the sign that the New Moon and the Sun are in at that time.  The New Moon in Virgo is today, September 13th!  I posted a reading for today on my blog using these three Virgo supported questions and intentions:

What will help me make health conscious choices this month? Where can I find healing this month? How can I open up to radiate my highest sense of self?

Give this reading a try yourself on this New Moon day!  Was it helpful in setting your intentions for the coming moon cycle?  Feel free to share your readings in the comments and don't forget to hop on to the next blog in this first Tarot Jam!

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