Tarotscopes for September- Happy Birthday Virgos!

Pheweee, can you believe it is September already?!  Where did the summer go?  Well, it was highly enjoyable and I must have taken a few pictures of it to remember it by, so that should do. Now it is time to focus on getting ready for the Fall, which for me brings a trip to South America for three months.  I hope you too have amazing fall plans lined up (or delicious spring plans if you're in the Southern Hemisphere!).  With the Sun shining away in the sign of Virgo from now until September 22nd, this is a great time to get organized and to get down to the details. Think of any tasks or projects that require meticulous or efficient attention and knock them out of the park this month.  Here are your tarotscopes for the month of September: IV of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot

Virgo- IV of Pentacles Your natural inclination to be exacting, detail oriented, and a noble humanitarian could leave you feeling a bit stifled and overly controlled this birthday month, Virgin friends. This card serves as reminder that you don't have to adhere so strictly to your role as best employee, most reliable friend, and most efficient human. Maybe it's time to slack off and have some fun, Virgos!  Or not...with the Sun in your birth sign, you will find it easy and flowing to be in total control mode. If you accept this as your super power, you could accomplish some intense projects this month, really nailing it on efficiency and follow through. Ask yourself what you want to get done this month, dream big, and then buckle down, because you can bring forth some amazing progress this September. Happy Birthday Virgos, it's your month to shine!

Libra- Page of Pentacles September is back to school month in the USA, and this Page could not be more pumped about education and learning. Look for a way to expand your knowledge base, even if it's just taking a free online course, or reading a How To book on your current pet project. You will be in the mood to use that brain of yours, this month, Libra friends.

Scorpio- The Chariot reversed If it feels like you're totally out of control, and that fate is working against your motivations and goals, this month is all about regaining your drive, Scorpio friends. Do you even know what you are trying to accomplish? It's time to get clear on your goals, regain the reigns of your life, and push forward with renewed vigor and clarity of mind.

Sagittarius- Ace of Cups reversed Looks like things might be a bit complicated regarding matters of the heart this September, Sag friends. Are you having a hard time communicating your feelings, or even accessing them?  It's time to connect with your heart center, look deep within, and decide what the spirit and essence of love means to you this month. Be open, start small.

Capricorn- Ace of Wands Inspiration and creativity strike this month, Cappy friends!  You may have no choice other than to seize the day, get lit up by a new idea or project, and get doing. You feel a strong urge to act on your ideas and bring something physical into existence. Let the energy of a new beginning wash over you and allow inspiration to strike.

Aquarius- VII of Swords It's time to break free from mental challenges and hurdles this month, Aquarius friends. If it has seemed absolutely impossible to get into a good headspace and find new ways of thinking, you may finally feel some relief this month in a change of perspective. You can overcome restrictions this month and catch a glimpse of your limitless potential.

Pisces- The Fool It's time for a spontaneous and carefree new beginning, my little Fishies! The Fool asks you to take a leap of faith. Believe that the Universe will catch you, carry you, and support you if the endeavors you undertake now are in alignment with your core values. It's also a great month to do some silly and fun things!  Get playful!

Aries- Knight of Pentacles reversed Life really a bit mundane and routine these days, Aries friends? Well, you are fully capable of spicing things up, so get out of the day-to-day drudgery and find ways to make life more exciting!  This Knight loves to explore nature, so plan some fun outdoor activities. Get in a couple more beach days, mountain hikes, or amusement park rides.

Taurus- The Emperor reversed Feel a bit unstable and ungrounded, my earthy Taurus friends?  You need to find some ways to bring it back to earth this September.  On the other hand, if you have been feeling way too under control, to the point of repression- ease up!  There has to be a balance between reckless and rigid, where you can feel safe but still express your freedom.

Gemini- Page of Cups Expect some messages of love this month, Gemini friends. This Page brings with her the essence of happy, contented, youthful love. It may be the beginning of a new relationship or friendship, a return of a long lost passion, or even a delightful time playing children's games.  It's a great time to connect with your pregnant or new parent friends.

Cancer- III of Pentacles reversed September will find you seeking some alone time, Cancer friends. Your ability to deal with groups may decline, as you wish to work in peaceful solitude. That way you can control the whole project and get things done your way. Remember, you're a great leader, so take into account that others can be useful if you direct them accordingly.

Leo- The Star A hopeful and shining month lies ahead of you, gentles Lions. This month holds a great spiritual energy for you, so if you have been intending to renew your exploration of your spirituality, The Start supports that journey. You are well on your way toward your goals, but there is still much work to be done, so be peaceful but carry on.

May you each have the best and most beautiful month ahead!