Tarot Reading for the Gemini New Moon on June 16th, 2015

Another moon cycle comes to a close and so another begins!  This New Moon in air sign Gemini will be occurring on June 16th, 2015. The New Moon is an excellent time to set a couple of intentions or goals for the coming four weeks, or even reevaluate your goals for the year. Working with this short energy cycle of the moon can help you get in touch with your own inner four week energy cycles, and manifest smaller parts of your overall year goals.  Today, I asked the tarot cards for advice for all of us on setting our intentions now at the Gemini New Moon. Enjoy and best of luck with making progress on your goals in the next four weeks! VIII of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot

What will help your intentions: VIII of Pentacles Hard work! Ok, sometimes we get lucky and things just flow, but oftentimes we actually have to put in the time and effort to accomplish our goals. The VIII of Pentacles reminds you to keep plugging away. If you are trying to create something tangible and perfect, keep honing your skills, you are improving toward mastery of your craft. If your intentions are more in the mental or emotional realms, there are still some concrete things you can do to increase your abilities. Try buying a new book on the topic your intentions relate to, or taking a class. You have been building up a fine set of skills, but there is still a need to push ahead. Ask yourself if there is a person you can ask for help, instruction, wisdom, or guidance. It can be tempting to try and do it all by yourself, but sometimes you reach a point where you need help to make a break through.

X of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot

What will hinder your intentions: X of Cups What will hinder your progress this month is thinking that once you accomplish this goal of yours, everything will magically fall into place and you can live happily ever after. Listen, the grass is always greener on the other side, until you get there and feel disillusioned and let down. Then the grass is greener somewhere else, maybe even back where you started, which is just insanity- stop it! Thinking that the future can solve all your problems is where you have gone astray. Instead of focusing solely on some great and all powerful future, bring your attention into the now. Where is your happiness now? Now is the only time you can actually experience, the future will always be later and the past can never be relived. So focus on what you want to bring into the now, fully immerse yourself into what is positive and useful about your present moment.

Father of Cups rxed Wild Unknown Tarot

What to expect in the coming moon cycle: Father of Cups reversed This month will find you feeling a bit introspective and perhaps a tad reclusive, when it comes to meeting your goals for the month. Make sure to schedule yourself plenty of alone time, as the mental, emotional, and physical demands of others could leave you feeling exhausted if you don't find time to recoup alone. All of the VIII of Pentacles energy that will help you reach your goals indicates that you will feel fulfilled and positive if you can really focus on yourself and not get too wrapped up in what other people are thinking and doing. The Father of Cups is generous, diplomatic and socially extroverted, all things you will not be feeling too much with this reversal. Let someone else throw the first summer BBQs and give yourself the space and time you need for yourself. The good news is, that the Gemini energy of this New Moon will help you communicate clearly and effective what you are doing and why, so that any constraints you put on your social obligations will be well understood by your family and friends. Just tell it like it is, and try to keep emotions out of it.

I hope you enjoyed this month's New Moon reading.  Remember, I'm always available for email readings if you would like a personalized New Moon reading based on your particular set of intentions for the months.  Check out my Email Readings page for more details and I wish you the best of luck working with the energy of this coming moon cycle!