The Queen of Cups Keeps Calm and Carries On

Queen of Cups Rider Waite Smith deck I love the Queen of Cups card in the tarot deck.  When I first started learning the tarot, I used the Queen of Cups as my significator card. This is the card that is supposed to represent you in the reading. I chose her mostly because I am a Cancer, which is a Water sign, and all female Water signs should choose the Queen of Cups, according to some Little White Book I read that came with my tarot cards. Over the years I've mostly abandoned the use of a significator card in my readings, but I still feel drawn to the Queen of Cups on a personal level. I relate to her deep emotional sensitivity, her calm in a storm, her ability to trust her intuition. The Queen of Cups is not afraid to peer deep into her soul, in fact, this is one of her favorite activities. The Queen of Cups excels at deep introspection, and she likes what she finds inside.

Nowadays in my readings, I recognize that we as humans have variable and complex personalities. Some days I feel like the Queen of Swords if I am trying to be rational, or I am the Page of Cups full of love and curiosity. I am capable of soul searching at one moment, and being totally reactionary and superficial the next. There is no law that I am fixed in one emotional or mental state and that is "My Personality". Each of us can change into each of the personalities embodied by the Court Cards, all in one day, or even within one hour. One of the biggest mistakes we make in trying to relate to other people, be it a friend, lover or stranger on the street, is putting the other people in a box, and saying, "This is what you are like."  Because people are as chaotic as the universe, there is no law of behavior, there is only probability and randomness. Anything is actually possible.

Queen of Cups Shadowscapes Tarot

The Queen of Cups can deal with this chaos beautifully. Her emotional depth reminds her that each person is a bottomless tangle of emotions, thoughts, ideas, and inspirations. She assumes nothing, but also accepts everything. Her ability to delve into all the darkest and brightest recesses of her own soul, has helped her understand that others too are so complex and rich. This gives her compassion. She listens. She accepts without judgement. These are the perfect traits to channel when doing a tarot reading. The Queen of Cups is the everyday embodiment of The High Priestess, ready to whip out her tarot cards and help you navigate the energies around you in order to make decisions and clear away doubt and negativity. The Queen of Cups is such a great energy for intuitive work because she is in touch with the Universe and accepts it's chaos. To her, everything is in its right place, exactly because there is no right place for anything. This keeps her open to all possibilities and in flow with the Universe.