Aries New Moon Reading on April 18th, 2015

Aries marks the beginning of the astrological year, so with this New Moon in Aries today, we can all let in some fresh energy for a new start.  Working with the energy of the moon cycle, now is a wonderful time to set your intentions for this month. As I talked about my newsletter today, I want to make a fresh start at practicing self acceptance.  Here is a New Moon tarot reading for all of us to use as helpful advice on how we can each bring greater self-acceptance into our lives. The Hierophant Shadowscapes tarot

The Hierophant:  Asking for advice from someone older, wiser, or more experienced is a good idea.  It might be time to finally find a therapist, life coach, or other paid professional to give you fresh insight and guidance on how to achieve self-acceptance. The Hierophant represents a firmly held belief system, based on tradition and deep cultural roots.  How can you create this kind of faith and belief in yourself?  It may take time, but this is a worthwhile pursuit.  There is a divine connection here that you need to cultivate between your spirit and the spirit of the universe.  The spirit of the universe is benevolent and helpful and something you so want to tap into and integrate with in your life. You need to have faith in yourself, your abilities, and the rightness of you.  The Hierophant likes rituals, so why not start practicing some rituals of self acceptance. For instance, consider developing your own mantra.  Think Stuart Smiley style: "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and dog-gone-it, people like me!".  When I'm feeling stressed or out of control I like to say to myself:  "I complete my tasks with joy and grace."  This brings things into perspective.


The Magician:  This is the time to create and manifest. You have all the resources you need. You are skillful and talented and incredibly powerful.  This is the time to reinvent yourself as if by magic.  The Magician exudes self-confidence since he understands himself and his abilities. These are powers that you inherently have too, you have just lost touch with them.  How do you get back to this root of your being, this eternal magic inside of you? The Magician is able to see and grasp the potential all around him, and bring that potential into reality.  Just like The Hierophant, The Magician also works in rituals and traditions, yet his come from a more primal place outside of the group mind of society.  The Magician advises you to look inside and get in touch with your personal power.  The mantra of The Magician would be:  "I have everything I need to manifest the life and acceptance that I desire." Let the cool confidence of the Magician support and guide you in this coming moon cycle.

The Tower Shadowscapes Tarot

The Tower reversed:  Now is the time to see things from a fresh angle.  Is something blocking your epiphany when suddenly it all makes sense and you know exactly what to do?  Or maybe you're waiting around for something groundbreaking to happen, whether it's hitting rock bottom or suddenly knowing what to do.  It's actually not such a hot idea to play that waiting game.  Maybe you can't figure it out right now, or it is still going to take some time before you are capable of full acceptance.  The key is to not give up. Even a slow process is still in movement, and you are doing your best.  The Tower is also a very spiritual card, here saying that you have the opportunity to awake to your spiritual self.  Perhaps this raises up your shield of self defense and denial. Perhaps you fear change. Who will you be when you're not disappointed in yourself, but loving and accepting of who you are?  What negativity and pain will you have to leave behind and what will it be like without it?  You need to overcome this fear in order to move forward.

I like all the Major Arcana cards here, it really makes me think that this is a super important intention that is worth paying attention to and working on.  Don't shy away from doing that hard work.  This reading suggests that it is both a personal journey as the Magician and a social journey with the Hierophant.  Keep seeking.  Keep asking questions.  Keep performing your rituals of self acceptance and move away from fear of change and the unknown.  Best wishes for this coming moon cycle!