May Tarotscopes- Happy Birthday Taurus Friends!

Hello there tarot lovers! It’s time for your May Tarotscopes from The Willow Path Tarot. May 1st is May Day, so while not do some traditional celebrating with dancing, flowers, and eating all of the cakes and pies? In the Gaelic culture this day is called Beltane and marks the day smack in the middle between the equinox and the solstice, when bonfires and feasting were in order.  Let me know if you do any celebrating, I'm hoping to take the morning off and sleep in for once....  Ok, I hope you enjoy these tarotscopes.  Remember, if you need a tarot reading, get in touch! II of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot

Birthday Tarotscope for Taurus: II of Wands Happy Birthday Taurus people!  Your year ahead looks like a visionary one, marked by demonstrations of your personal power and fueled by inspiration. The II of Wands says that you are coming into your solar return filled with determination, stamina, willpower and ambition. You are lit up by fresh ideas and passionate about all the possibilities before you this year.  Make sure you are connecting with this the fire energy to help you make the decision to actually kick off in a new direction. Sit down this month and write or sketch out what you want to achieve this year.  Having a clear idea of what you want will help you plot your course and stay on point as the year progresses. Having a little reminder around of what you deeply desire and are striving for will help keep you on track toward your goal. Let your creativity soar Taurus friends!  It's your month!

Gemini:  Son of Wands reversed Watch out for charmers and adventurers entering into your life this month and mucking things up. Wait, am I describing you, or half of you ;), Twins people? You  might need to reel it in a bit this month, as a drive to follow your passions all the way has taken on an air of recklessness. Try to do some disaster aversion before it all implodes.

Cancer:  Mother of Swords reversed Looks like logic may have flown out the window for you recently, my Crabby pals.  How can you reconnect with your own truth?  It's time to be honest with yourself, be realistic, and start using that super smart brain of yours.  Drop that sarcastic facade you like to hold up in order to keep others from knowing your true emotions.  Be real, Cancer.

Leo:  VI of Cups You may be feeling tingles of nostalgia this month, my gentle Lions. Sometimes it's so nice to take a walk down memory lane. I mean, why are you archiving all those photographs of your life if you're never going to look back on them and smile?  Just remember not to get trapped into the mindset that the happiest times are behind you.

Virgo:  Month of Wands May is going to usher in a vibrant month for you, my little Virgins. The Queen of Wands is an attractive, sassy, self-possessed kind of person, who knows what she wants and goes out to get it.  You have the power and inspiration to really pursue your creative visions this month, especially those focused on your own self development.

Libra: The Devil All of that spring fecundity and warmth may cause you to be a bit indulgent and decadent this month, Libra friends.  This could be a great month to get in touch with your bodily desires and see if you can break down some restrictions or barriers you have put up in the past. The Devil is a crafty one though, so use caution to avoid obsessive behavior. Scorpio: II of Pentacles reversed Life might feel out of balance or out of wack this month, Scorpion friends.  It would be best to focus on doing one thing at a time, instead of multitasking.  Choose one aspect of your life you really want to work on now and try to set other goals aside until a later date. Getting totally caught up in one area will super charge you to expand onward next month.

Sagittarius:  IX of Cups reversed It seems like having it all is just out of reach this month, Sag friends. Make sure you aren't blocking your happiness and abundance by constantly changing the goal to be farther and farther out of reach. Get clear about what your goal is and then make sure you celebrate a job well done before you set a higher or unattainable goal.

Capricorn: II of Swords reversed Decision making is usually your forte, Goat friends, but not so much this month.  If you find yourself at a stalemate, not knowing which way to go or refusing to pick a direction, trust in your ability to make right choices.  You can do this!  Try looking into your heart for guidance instead of relying solely upon the logical or rational thing to do.

Aquarius: II of Cups reversed This month may see you dealing with a loss of something or someone close to your heart, my Waterbearer friends. Losing that connection can be a very emotional and draining experience, so make sure you doing things to replenish and restore your heart.  Time is the panacea for a broken heart, but sunshine, chocolate and a massage could help too!

Pisces: III of Swords I'm sorry to say that May is going to be a heartbreaker, little Fishies. If you experienced a betrayal or broken heart last month, the healing process is still in full swing this coming month. Try not to dwell too much in your mind, going over the same thoughts over and over again. What's done is done, you are on your right path, trust in the process.

Aries:  X of Swords reversed A time of worry and trouble is behind you now, Aries friend.  If you reached rock bottom in some area of your life last month, know that you are ready to make a change and already acting on it.  Try not to be melodramatic about how bad things were, they aren't that bad anymore and you have the strength to start over now. Fresh beginnings!

I hope you enjoyed this month’s Tarotscopes from The Willow Path Tarot.  Feel free to share with your friends or let me know your personal experiences this month with the energies of the tarot.  Best wishes!