Tarotscopes for April!

Hello there tarot lovers! It's time for your April Tarotscopes from The Willow Path Tarot!  Spring is slowly chugging into full swing for us in the Northern Hemisphere, with lots of melting snow, emerging flowers, and glowing sunshine!  It's the beginning of the astrological year, so use this fresh energy to put a bit of a skip into your step. Enjoy these tarotscopes!  Remember, if you need a spring time tarot reading, get in touch!

Birthday Tarotscope for Aries: The Wheel of Fortune rxed

Wheel of Fortune rxed Rider Waite Smith tarot

It’s your special time of year, my strong-willed Aries friends. Happy Birthday!  The Wheel of Fortune reversed is an apt card for a turning of the year and another cycle of your life.  Do not resist the passage of time, this reversal warns. Instead of dreading another year slipping away, find ways to rejoice and celebrate your accomplishments of the past year.  They are many, believe me!  Sometimes it feels like life is out of our hands and things just happen to us that we can't control. The Wheel of Fortune reminds us that fate does play a role in the events of our lives, and you have to roll with that, go with the flow of the inevitable.  Sure, sometimes you're up and sometimes you're down, but you wouldn't be able to recognize and fully appreciate the ups if you didn't have your struggles.  This year, try to flow through your down cycles with a bit of grace, so that you can truly rejoice in your happy times.

Taurus:  III of Cups Boy oh boy, are you ready for some goods this April, Taurus friends.  The winter may have been long and almost unbearable, but soon you will feel the sunshine and smell the spring flowers.  Make sure to plan some fun times with close friends, or go make some new friends.  Be open to sharing your emotions and connecting on a heart level. Gemini: IV of Cups reversed A time of introspection or apathy is receding, and you are ready to get out there and mingle, Gemini friends.  If the winter seemed long and made you want to hibernate, spring time is going to see you out there, connecting with people, sharing your thoughts and feelings freely, as you so love to do.  Wake up, Gemini!  It's Spring!

Cancer:  VI of Wands reversed This month may find you feeling a bit neglected and down, Cancer friends.  Do you feel like a wallflower or unappreciated for your contributions?  Speak up!  You may feel shy and uncomfortable tooting your own horn, but if you can't appreciate yourself, how can anyone else follow along?  You are close to success, but obstacles still stand in the way.

Leo: King of Swords reversed Watch out for speaking hastily this month, Leo friends.  You may be apt to hurt other people with sharp comments, even if they are truthful comments.  Sometimes, the truth hurts the ones you love, so be aware to soften the blows with carefully chosen words. If you are finding life irrational, let go of the need for everything to "make sense".

Virgo:  V of Wands reversed You may be ready to set aside differences you have been experiencing with other people and put old battles in the past this April, Virgo friends. Perhaps you will finally see that the battle is not worth fighting, and decide to just get along with others.  Compromise is for the best, especially when the rules of the game can get so out of hand or misinterpreted.

Libra: Judgement reversed Don't be afraid to listen to the voice of your inner calling this month, Libra friend.  We each have a special purpose in this lifetime, and it is your job to figure out where your own path leads. Stop looking around you for signs, and instead look within yourself to figure out why things feel "off" or unsettled.  You are so close to figuring it out!  Be open with yourself. Scorpio: Ace of Wands This month holds the potential to inspire and motivate you, Scorpio friend. Get in touch with what lights you up inside, what gives you that special spark of creativity and passion. This is a great opportunity in store for you this month, so keep yourself open and inquisitive and you surely will not miss it.  Lots of potential for growth this month!

Sagittarius:  The Chariot reversed April may find you feeling a bit unmotivated and unambitious, Sag friends.  That's ok sometimes, when your fire energy burns low and only some fiery coals remain.  Remember that your victory is not far off, so practice patience and grace this April, and you will soon find renewed focus on successfully reaching your goals.

Capricorn: X of Wands reversed It's time to put down your heavy load this month, Cappy friends.  You don't always have to be the responsible one who follows through on all your goals and commitments. Sometimes it's ok to have a little vacation from all that serious grownup stuff you think is so important, and instead do something spontaneous and freeing!

Aquarius: Page of Pentacles reversed This month will find you actually wanting to settle down and find some structure, my usually so radical Aquarius friend.  What is it that you want to learn about now, what skills and knowledge are you hoping to acquire?  Get clear about your self-development goals and try putting in place a plan to achieve them. Be ready to start at the very beginning.

Pisces: The Hanged Man reversed Impatience abounds this April for you, my fishy friends.  You may be feeling some pent up energy from your Sun sign time when you set new goals and intentions for the coming year. Now you want to put your plans into action, but obstacles keep cropping up.  Try to meditate and breathe, Pisces, because this month is all about going within and chilling. Don't resist obstacles!

I hope you enjoyed this month's Tarotscopes from The Willow Path Tarot.  Feel free to share with you friends or let me know your personal experiences this month with the energies of the tarot.  Best wishes!