Queen of Wanderers and Boundless Creativity

Queen of Wands Rider Waite tarot About two weeks ago, I quit my corporate job and moved into a van with my girlfriend, Kristen, in order to travel the country.  Kristen is a musician and she spends a fair amount of her time touring around, bringing her music to the people.  I love to travel, so it's always made me feel a bit jealous and frustrated that she gets to go on tour and I had to stay behind in Boston and hear about all of her adventures.  But no more!  I took my show on the road as well ;)! Kristen effortlessly embodies the energy of the Queen of Wands: creative, passionate, skilled, determined, full of enthusiasm and exuberance.  She has a way of shining her light out into the world that inspires and warms people. The Queen of Wands is confident in her abilities and shares her passions. She has a special way of bringing forth imagination and creativity in others, and I love basking in her endless ideas.

Begheera the cutest kitten in Missouri.

Today, I asked the tarot to give me some advice on how to make Kristen's tour successful, both financially and spirituality.  I drew the Queen of Wands.  Hmmm, does this mean Kristen is the magic that makes the tour, or that I should be more like her if I want to create more success? Perhaps it means that we need to go out and get a black cat.  I did see this one on a farm last week that would do just perfectly!

Knight of Wands Rider Waite tarot

I think we could both benefit from being more powerful and in control of our creativity. Right now, it feels like we are two Knights of Wands charging off into the distance with our passions. We don't seem to really have a formed plan in mind, just: do! go! make! create! experience! live! love!  It is very exciting and fun, but isn't always conducive to creating the type of financial success that we are hoping to achieve.  We really want to be able to afford to live in the van and travel and make money playing music and reading tarot cards. Maybe this Queen of Wands is also the Queen of Wanderers.  The Queen of Wands loves adventure, as all Wands cards do, so she supports our travels. I think the Queen of Wands is definitely our patron Tarot court card.  Maybe I will find a good print of her card and hang it on the wall of the van to remind us to be mature and focused in our creativity.