New Moon Intentions Halfway Through 2014

The New Moon occurs tonight, either late in the evening or early in the morning of June 27th, depending upon your time zone.  This is the first New Moon after the solstice, meaning we are already into the second half of 2014!  While I scratch my head and wonder where the time went, I'll do a New Moon reading to help us all set out intentions for the coming month as the moon slowly waxes to full.  This is a great to reflect upon your New Year's resolutions, decide what is working for you and what isn't, and reset your intentions for the rest of the year.  Here are the three cards I drew for you: IMG_2766


First I drew a card for our Current Situation:  VI of Cups reversed The VI of Cups depicts an idyllic image of childhood, representing nostalgia, innocence, and past memories.  Currently, you may be reflecting on what you have done so far this year and comparing it to the ambitious goals you set in January at the New Year.  Since this card is reversed you are probably focusing on how naive you were to think you could accomplish so much by this point, and feeling a bit disappointed with your shortcomings and life's let downs.  Remember though that when we set out to make big changes or leaps and strides, we tend to overlook the small steps that get us to our goals.  If you are feeling downtrodden or inadequate compared to what you had hoped to feel by June of 2014, don't beat yourself up!  Take the time at this New Moon to congratulate yourself for all that you have done so far, pat yourself on the back, toast to your accomplishments. Each small effort you make toward your goals will accumulate in the long run.  Get going!

Next I asked for guidance on setting our intentions this month:  King of Wands reversed The King of Wands is a visionary character, looking confidently ahead, ready to pursue dreams passionately and achieve victory.  With this card reversed, I see that you having a difficult time knowing what it is that you even want to accomplish and are scattering your efforts and energies.  I will repeat my advice from the previous card:  Stop wallowing in shortcomings, let the past stay in the past, and let yourself envision that future you want. Start with a simple step, envisioning the present moment as you truly want to experience it. What do you have that you can be thankful for? What do you love and enjoy about your life?  How can you create more of that feeling? Try focusing more on the positive aspects of your life and less on what is lacking or what you just can't seem to get.  Redirect your attention to what you have and not what you lack.  Start thinking about how you have succeeded and stop obsessing about how you have failed.  Make your New Moon intentions with a positive vision of your future.

Lastly I asked what would not aid your efforts this month:  Justice This is an interesting piece of advice, don't let Justice guide you this month when setting intentions.  I take this to mean that a balanced and even approach is not going to serve you this month.  Perhaps you have been trying to create a work/life balance, or maybe you are trying to create equality and fairness between your needs and your partners, or you could be trying to keep your finances balanced up to this point.  This approach isn't working at the moment though.  This month you may need to tip the scales in one direction or the other.  Take a vacation if you've been working too hard or put your nose to the grindstone if you've been slacking off.  Concentrate more on your needs than your partners if you feel like you just can't achieve your goals (your partner will also benefit from your success).  On the other hand, if it's been all about you these days, it could be a good time to focus on someone else's well-being, be it your partner or someone else in your life who is need of love and attention.  The balanced approach of Justice just isn't going to do much for you this month.  Put all of your eggs in one basket, push the envelope, work hard at your goal or dream and don't let decision-making or varying options distract you!  Put on your blinders to distractions and go for your goal with single-minded purpose!

Best of luck setting your New Moon intentions!