Tarot Birth Year Cards- I'm an Emperor for a Year!

BirthdayBearHappy Birthday to Me!!!  My birthday was on a Tuesday this year, July 8th!  I love, love, love my birthday.  As I'm sure many of you can relate- I feel I was born on just the best day of the year.  Our lives go in cycles and the tarot can help us tune into what part of the cycle we are currently in at our birthday time.  Each year of your life is influenced by a certain tarot card which can be determined using numerology. I use the method described on Lisa Frideborg's blog to determine what tarot year card I am on now.   Simply add your birthday month and day to the current year and then reduce the number down to a single digit. Here is how I added it up for myself on July 8th:

7+8+2+0+1+4= 22  then reduce 2+2= 4

4 is the number on The Emperor.  Therefore I'm having an Emperor influenced year!

The Emperor Rider Waite Smith deck

The major word that comes to might when I think of The Emperor in the tarot is stability.  The number 4 is numerologically square and stable, and you can see that reflected in the image of the card from the Rider Waite deck to the left.  The throne The Emperor sits upon is solid, heavy stone with a square back and base.  The Emperor himself sits facing directly forward, gazing steadily out out of the card.  This is the picture of stability, which is something that a person creates and cultivates during a 4 year ruled by the Emperor. The preceding year was ruled by the creative abundance of The Empress.  Whatever you gave birth to last year is ready to grow, develop strong roots, flourish, and stabilize.  Contemplate what it is that you spent the last year developing, gestating, or manifesting.  The Emperor year ahead will see those things take true and stable form.

The Emperor is a ruler and therefore a 4 year is about rulership.  A person in a 4 year will develop and attain new levels of authority.  This can show up in many different ways in your life.  If you have been working on a business idea, you will truly start to feel like an authority in that field this year.  Or perhaps you are working on personal development, and will find yourself feeling like a ruler of yourself this coming year.  When thinking about relationships, the last year may have been colored by the beauty and sensual exploration of a new or long-lasting love, while the coming year will focus more on firm commitment and the power of a steady long-term relationship. The energy of The Emperor will allow you be highly organized, strategic, and a problem-solver, all qualities of an ideal ruler.

The increased level of domination and authority of The Emperor does bring a sense of power and accomplishment, but also one of strong accountability. It can be wonderful to be in charge and doing things your own way.  You get to rule your kingdom, make the rules, and not ask for permission for anything.  Enjoy this power, even as you remember that with great power comes great responsibility (or so I heard in Spiderman ;)). The Emperor gets to rule the empire, but he does it with the best interests of all his subjects in mind.  Share your wisdom with others, offer guidance, be a grounding force for those around you that need that strong Emperor energy. Note that flexibility is always needed in life, so do not box yourself into a dogged routine.  Regularly check in with yourself and make sure you're leading in a direction that still corresponds to your overall life goals.

The Emperor Shadowscapes deck

The Emperor card is ruled by Aries, which is a cardinal, fire sign.  A cardinal sign is a natural leader sign, which is quite obviously represented by The Emperor.  A person in a 4 year is ready to take the initiative and lead themselves and others toward a goal.  Fire signs are born initiators, ready to start new projects, get the ball rolling, and lead the charge. The important thing to remember is follow-through.  Aries fire energy can be very good for starting, but not always good for staying the course, and finishing. Luckily, the solid and responsible aspects of The Emperor can help you maintain progress and keep up your efforts.  Expect much masculine fire energy this year, when you are ready to take charge and establish a structure for all projects or goals you set.  The Emperor is good at decision-making and self-control, characteristics that lead to success.

On a personal level, I'm looking forward to letting the solid energy of The Emperor permeate my upcoming year.  I experienced the creative, feminine energy of The Empress during the last year in a number of ways that I'm ready to stabilize and move forward with this year. My two big themes of last year were starting The Willow Path Tarot and also planning my move into a traveling gypsy caravan.  Both projects were my babies last year, and right now they are newly formed creations that I'm ready to grow, stabilize, develop, and rule.  I'm incredibly hopeful for success in this new lifestyle during the upcoming year. My passion and drive for this tarot business is ceaseless.  My love and excitement of living in a van and traveling around the USA is overwhelming at times.  The Emperor energy is truly encouraging when thinking ahead to whether or not I can make this lifestyle sustainable.  I believe with the steady, organized, authoritative, Emperor approach to tarot business and travel business, I can be successful and fulfilled all year long!

How about you?  Are you having a wonderful, inspired year? Are you wondering what tarot card year you are currently in for your life cycle?  Use the method I described above to calculate your current cycle or get in touch with me for a personal reading all about your tarot year card at thewillowpathtarot@gmail.com.  Looking forward to hearing about your tarot year!  Blessings!