Full Moon Music in the Air

I love doing a tarot reading at the Full Moon and the New Moon.  I think we can all benefit from the insight and ideas that this combination of moon and tarot energy can lend us at these times.  Below you can see the three cards I drew for us on this Friday the 13th Full Moon in Sagittarius.  I used the Shadowscapes Tarot deck: IMG_2681

First I asked:  What do we need to let go of at this Full Moon? I drew Judgement as what we need to release and let go of at this time.   I think this card speaks for itself.  When we stop judging ourselves and others, we give ourselves space to grow.  Instead of constantly picking things apart and evaluating them, try just appreciating things the way they are at this moment.  This moment is happening right now, and there is something precious and powerful about this moment that you are missing if you're stuck worrying about the past or the future.  Release this perpetual need to judge yourself and others with this Full Moon, and revel in your judgement free zone.

Next I asked:  What do we need to cultivate and nourish at this Full Moon? The Queen of Wands came up as what we need to create more of, cultivate within ourselves, and help grow at this Full Moon.  This Queen is passionate, creative, ambitious, and fiery.  She is fun to be around because she let's her joy in life shine out to others. This is a wonderful time to let the light of the Full Moon illuminate the areas of your life which inspire you.  What are you passionate about?  How do you pursue that passion?  And how do you communicate that passion to others?  It's time to really nurture those things that spark your interest, light a fire in your belly, and just light you up.  Not only will you benefit from following your dreams, but others will be drawn to your hopeful and bright self.

Finally I asked:  How can we change our perspective at this time? Sometimes when we are stuck, in order to move forward we need to be able to see things from a different perspective.  The Page of Wands reminds to start from the very beginning. Perhaps we are all fired up to be the Queen who has all her shit together, knows just how to do things beautifully and perfectly, and dazzles everyone with her skills.  Yet here is the Page to show us that that mastery began with a simple desire to learn, to try, to work your way up.  If you're feeling like your pie in the sky dream is totally unobtainable, take a step back and consider that you are starting at the beginning.  Congratulate yourself for even acknowledging your passion and dreams, and then set yourself some smaller, less daunting goals, that will get you moving in the right direction.

music-by-the-moonI LOVE that I drew three cards depicting women making music for this spread.  Music is a big passion of mine, and playing and listening to it can lift my spirits and change my mood.  Silence can be golden when soaking up the powerful energy of the Full Moon, but adding a little of your favorite music to the mix could be magical tonight.  Give it a try and let me know what you end up listening to with the moon tonight.  Will it be something romantic? soothing? dancy?  disco?... anything goes!