Clearing up Confusion by the Light of the Moon

My life has been a bit chaotic lately, so it's no surprise that I have drawn The Moon card more times than I can count as my card of the day recently.  The Moon card can often indicate in a tarot reading that you're experiencing confusion, chaos, illusions and mysteries.  These types of situations can then produce anxieties and fears. The Moon card itself can therefore cause a bit of worry and anxiety when in comes up in a reading.  Time to take a step back!

I'm here to tell you to calm yourself, because The Moon is actually here to help us clear up confusion in our lives.  The Moon wants you to delve into your mysteries and explore yourself.  The Moon shines new light on your inner world and helps you grow.  We can work with the energy of the The Moon card to move through our subconscious landscape, figure out what is bothering us, and move forward with confidence.  The Moon carries with it the promise of change implicit in its constant monthly cycles.   We can use these cycles to awaken and transform ourselves.

I love the imagery from Stephanie Pui-Mun's Shadowscapes Tarot deck.  You can see the image of The Moon tarot card above.  A woman stands under the light of the sickle moon. She holds a mask in one hand and a heart in her other hand.  A dove flies above her head, lifting her hair into the breeze.  Her feet are shrouded in wild mushrooms and frolicking fairies.  I see these four symbols as representing the elements, or suits of the tarot.  The mask is the creativity of the wands/fire.  The heart is the emotions of the cups/water.  The dove is the mental force of the swords/air.  The mushrooms are the growth of pentacles/earth.

We can use these symbols to explore our confusion and the subconscious mind when we encounter these elements of The Moon.  I've developed a series of questions to confront these symbols.  You can draw a tarot card, either at random or directly, to help you delve into each question.   Or you can simple meditate upon the questions and journal if you do not use tarot cards.

Confronting and Clearing the Confusion of The Moon:

1. What will inspire creativity and purpose in your life? What truth are you concealing behind the mask you wear for the world?

2. How can you set your mind free? What will set your mind at ease?

3. What is your heart's desire? How can you open your heart to new possibility?

4. How can you nurture growth for yourself? What is currently stifling your ability to grow? Try delving into these questions to move you out of the confusion of The Moon.  You have the ability to gain clarity and eliminate confusion if you allow yourself the opportunity to explore different aspects of your life that may be creating this confusion for you.  Let me know if you try this out, and what results you get!