New Moon Reading for May 28th, 2014

The New Moon is a wonderful time to set our intentions for the coming two weeks.  As the Sun and Moon align with the Earth, we can use this powerful energy to help us set our goals and get them moving in the coming two weeks up the Full Moon.  I drew three tarot cards from the Shadowscapes Tarot deck to help us align with this New Moon energy and set our new intentions for the coming moon cycle.  I did not give any particular meaning to the positions of the cards, so I will read them all as advice for you at this New Moon on May 28th, 2014.  Here is what I drew: IMG_2551

Three reversed cards! which means that you have a lot of potential at this time that you haven't been using to your best advantage.  You need to embody or provoke the characteristics of the practical explorer Knight of Pentacles and the emotionally mature King of Cups.  You can find that ability by releasing old thought patterns and opening to a whole new perspective with the VIII of Swords reversed.  Let me go more in depth into each of these cards and what they mean for you now:

VIII of Swords reversed:  When this card shows up in a reading in the upright position it usually means that you are trapped in your thoughts, stuck in a mental rut, unable to free yourself from circuitous thought patterns.  This kind of frenetic mental energy is common with the Sun in Gemini at the moment. Perhaps the past week has found you going around and around about the same old issues without any hope that you can figure out how to break free from that which restricts you.  This New Moon holds the key to your freedom, if you just relax, loosen up, get out of your head, and start seeing things from a new perspective. You are capable of change!  You can do something entirely different!  The key is to realize that you are a powerful, knowledgable, and worthwhile person.  Build up your confidence by refusing to beat yourself up about your past mistakes and perceived failures.  Tell yourself that your goals are attainable, and remember to only set one or two big intentions for this New Moon phase.  If you're able to concentrate on just what is most essential and important to you, it will be that much easier to see the results and build off of them at the next New Moon in June.

Knight of Pentacles reversed:  This Knight is the most practical and down to earth of the Knights in the tarot deck.  He is still an explorer though and he is still a bit of a risk taker, after all he represents that growth period between the new beginning of the Pages and the maturity of the Queens.  Perhaps you want to set a very practical goal at this time, for example:  writing X number of cover letters to new jobs, deciding whether to buy or rent to make yourself a comfortable home, or even what seeds to plant in your garden plot. Your New Moon intentions are best set with an eye toward the practical but with a bit of daring and risk taking:  apply for a couple of jobs that seem just out of your reach, invest in some pricey but classic pieces that will really make your home amazing, or plant those roses that just might prick you!  The Knight of Pentacles urges you to be down to earth when you set your goals but open to a whole new adventure.  Soon this reversed card will be charging forth in the upright position, ready to take on all your challenges.

King of Cups reversed:  Again, I'm reading this reversal as a call to bring the qualities of this King into your life at this time to help you set and keep your intentions for this New Moon.  The King of Cups works well to balance out the practicality of the Knight of Pentacles, as this King reminds you to follow what is close to your heart.  The VIII of Swords advises you to break free from your mental bounds and let the King of Cup's kind, generous touch fall upon all that you undertake.  This King represents emotional maturity at it's best, with the ability to bring other's up to your level and have meaningful, loving and tender relationships with all those you care about in your life.  If you are setting intentions about how to act in your relationships and improve them, channel this diplomatic and kind-hearted King's energy to help you reunite with long lost friends, heal family quarrels, or make new friends in new places.  The King of Cups advises you to set intentions that lead to compassion, kindness and understanding.

I hope you spend some time today or during the coming days to set your New Moon intentions for this moon cycle.  Feel free to share your thoughts on intentions and this reading in the comments, I'd love to hear from you!