Scorpio Full Moon Reading for May 14, 2014

The Full Moon is a time ripe for the essential task of releasing and letting go.  Whatever has been growing inside of you since the New Moon on April 28th is coming to fruition.   It is now time to step back and reevaluate your position.  Are your creations aligned with your visions?  Are you on a fulfilling path or do you need to readjust your expectations and outcomes?  The tarot is a useful tool to help us understand and work with the energy of the Full Moon.  Here is a special three card tarot spread I did just for you, my lovely readers: IMG_2469

I asked for three pieces of information and chose three cards for this Full Moon reading:

  • Card 1:   What is the theme of this Full Moon phase?   I got the III of Cups.
  • Card 2:   What can we release during this phase?  I got the VII of Cups reversed.
  • Card 3:   What advice can the tarot offer moving forward?  I got the II of Pentacles.

III of Cups:  The Full Moon in Scorpio will be a time for friendship and celebration.  The Full Moon is often a time when we are feeling out going and sociable and this month will be no different.  The III of Cups makes me think you will be out having drinks with friends: toasting graduates, crying at weddings, warming new houses,  ringing in new years with all the birthday boys and girls, etc.  There are many special occasions in the works but also simply enjoying the company of friends who are dear to your heart.  You may be exchanging in some sincerely heartfelt feelings and sharing sessions with friends, but watch out for drinking and partying to excess. The watery nature of Scorpio indicates that liquids and emotions may be overflowing, so be careful not to end up crying into your beer.

VII of Cups reversed:  It's time for us to start letting go of fantasies and daydreams that have been filling up our heads since the New Moon.  You may have set your intentions on too many goals for the New Moon and felt scattered and overwhelmed with ideas.  This can happen to the best of us with mental Mercury in super stimulated Gemini up in the sky right now. This Full Moon is a time to shed off those dreams that aren't realistic, doable, emotionally fulfilling, or aligned with your core values.  Scorpio might make you feel overemotional, cranky, withdrawn or secretive when you realize that you aren't going to get done everything you set out to accomplish.  Try to be aware of a tendency to get lost in your daydreams and resentful when you get overwhelmed with options.  If you succeeded in setting your heart on the most important intentions- stop daydreaming and get things done!  Make those dreams reality and let go of fantasy land.

II of Pentacles:  Here is some advice on how to deal with letting go of some of your daydreams and bringing them into reality. First, you have to make some decisions!  The twos in tarot correspond numerologically with making choices between things.  You need to make some practical choices about all those options the VII of Cups represents.  You may feel like you have a lot of balls in the air right now and juggling all the work matters, family matters, life bullshit, and then your heart desires on top of that is tricky to say the least. Know that it is possible though!  You are a fully capable individual and can make the right choices about which of your dreams to manifest during this Full Moon phase and as the moon wanes for the next two weeks.  You can ride your emotional waves just as the ship in this card glides over the biggest swells.

I hope you enjoyed your Full Moon reading!  Feel free to leave a comment about what you are releasing and letting go during this Full Moon phase and what you are going to chose to set your intentions on manifesting until the New Moon in two weeks.  Remember you can always request a personalized moon phase reading for yourself at anytime on the Tarot Readings page.

In the meantime, enjoy your friendships and celebrate the Full Moon today!