Newsletter Coming Your Way

IMG_1805Happy Mother's Day to all the lovely Mother's and Grandmother's and happy dog Mommies out there.  I'm the proud Mama of a gerbil named Willow (I know, I'm a bit obsessed with willows, but can you believe I've had this little dear for longer than I've had this blog?!)  It's a beautiful day in Boston and I am working away on my tarot business, making it as awesome for you as I can.  This includes brainstorming new blog content, perfecting some tarot spreads you'll love, and crafting my first newsletter! VIII of Wands Shadowscapes Tarot

This newslettter is going to be something special, so it's time to SIGN UP!  I'll be sending out this little gem every 2 weeks, on the new moon and the full moon. The newsletter will feature:

  • Great tips from the tarot on setting your new moon and full moon intentions- to get you in touch with your own lunar energy cycles.
  • The latest awesome posts at The Willow Path Tarot- so you never miss out on fabulous tarot insights.
  • Updates on my tarot adventures living in a van around the USA- did someone say tarot gypsy!?
  • And of course, I'll let you in on special offers on tarot readings just for my newsletter subscribers.
  • Anything else that strikes my fancy!  Doesn't that just make you want to sign up right away?


Only three more weeks until Kristen and I pack up this apartment and slim down our possessions to van-sized.  We will be traveling from June 16- November 20, all over this great USA.  I can't wait to share my coming adventures with you- your love and support of this business is what keeps me on going!  I look forward to connecting with you soon through the newsletter.  Don't forget to SIGN UP!