Your Tarot Reading for the New Moon in Gemini

Happy New Moon! Today we have an inspired opportunity to create intentions for the moon cycle ahead using the special qualities of Gemini. The greatest strength of the Gemini New Moon is in the area of communication and engagement with the people around you. How and what do you want to share with your family, friends, community, and social network? You have the ability and gumption to spread the word with this New Moon, whether it be in writing, a conversation, or a work of art, etc. Gemini gives you the focus and clarity of mind to effectively communicate your message this month.

Beyond the tarot reading I have done for you below, I also would love to communicate another offering I have for you! I wrote a FREE Guide to Setting Intentions with the New Moon that brings together all of the information I have shared here on the blog each month about the characteristics and strengths of each New Moon. I love setting grounded, empowered intentions at the beginning of each lunar cycle and know that many of you would love to have a guide on how to do that for each New Moon. So I collected years worth of writings from the blog into one handy dandy PDF that you can download for FREE. Enjoy! And help me spread the word to anyone else you know who would benefit from a little book on each of the New Moons.

Okay, now here is there tarot reading for the collective for today’s New Moon in Gemini:

Ostara Tarot: Three of Wands rx, Ten of Wands rx, Two of Pentacles rx

Ostara Tarot: Three of Wands rx, Ten of Wands rx, Two of Pentacles rx

How can I most effectively communicate and express myself?- Three of Wands reversed
In order to effectively communicate at this point, you need to know what your long-term goals are and it may be that you just aren’t clear on that. If you don’t know what the overall, big picture message is that you want to share, it can be hard to function on the day-to-day microlevel. The best thing you can do now is take a step back and make some long term goals. Where you do you ideally want to be in 5 year or 10 years? Once you have a general idea of what the overarching goal of your communications is, come back to today and see what message you can give that moves you towards that fundamental objective.

For example, let’s say you’re in the initial stages of dating someone but have the long term goal of getting married and having children. Now, how do you want to communicate through your words and actions that those are your personal life goals for the future while keeping in mind where you are at currently. You may not want to have children this year, but you don’t want to tell your date that you’re “not thinking of having children,” because he or she could interpret that in a variety of ways.

Another example could be at work, where you know that you probably only want to be in your current position for 3 or 5 more years before moving on to a new company or organization. How do you communicate the message that you are invested and dedicated to your work, without giving the impression that this is the highest level to which you aspire and will be your job forever. These are tricky situations but ultimately, you knowing what you want in the long run gives you the ability to effectively communicate and express yourself now.

How can I expand my social network this month?- Ten of Wands reversed
When meeting new people, be they friends, potential coworkers, fellow students, ect. it will be important this month not to think of these new relationships as more burdens. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the emotional baggage of the relationships that you already have and can’t imagine taking on more people who will rely on you and need you to support them, whoa now, you need to change your outlook. It’s possible that you are allowing other people to dump too much on you because you haven’t set firm boundaries of what you can handle and just take on more and more of other people’s burdens.

In the month ahead, contemplate the idea of boundaries, of saying when enough is enough, of setting a limit on how much of other’s people’s problems, work, emotions, ect. that you can take on. Open yourself up to new people who are more easygoing, more in control of their lives, who just like to have fun, who can handle their own emotional lives and issues. You know, there are plenty of people out there who live mindful, intentional lives with clear boundaries of their own. They want to share with you, have fun, have intellectual discussions, share their experiences, be connected, but refrain from burdening you with more than you can handle or respect when you indicate how much you can handle. Expand your social network in the month ahead with people who are operating on a high vibration, who feel good to be around, who lift you up.

How is my communication style holding me back or blocking my message?- Two of Pentacles reversed
The thing that is most getting in your way when it comes to getting your message out there is being too scattered in your approach. There are so many platforms that you could be using, but perhaps you aren’t really that interested in some things and you are zapping your energy trying to master all of the platforms.

For example, maybe you think you need to be really good at spreading the word on social media. To you that means being a master of engaging content creation on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. But it turns out that you find social media boring, or annoying, or just not you. So then you decide you should blog and start a really awesome website. Then it turns out that you don’t like writing or maybe you just don’t enjoy being on your computer all the time anyway. What you really like is interactions in person so you think an interview style podcast would be just the thing or perhaps have ideas for in-person events or retreats. You’re trying to create all these connections and get your message out there but you’re SCATTERED.

The advice of the Two of Pentacles reversed is to stop with the multi-tasking and focusing on one thing for a little bit. Yes, it can seem scary to put down some of the balls you have in the air and decide on one course of action for the immediate future. Try not to freak out. Let me dispel you of the illusion that you can do it all, and do it all well, and that that will make you happy. Doing all the things will not make you happy. I repeat- getting everything on your to do list will not make you happy. If you equate happiness with crossing things off your to do list, you will always create more things to do, fill every waking second of your life with more tasks, and never reach the nirvana of having it all done.

The truth is that there is always more to do, always more connections to be made, always more messages to get out there, always more things that you want to accomplish. When you make a conscious decision to focus on what is most important to you, what plays on your strengths and lights you up inside, that’s when you create a better life for yourself. Making a mindful decision on what to focus on in the month ahead, what one avenue of self expression or message sharing works best for you, and giving the rest a break- that’s where the gold is in the month ahead.

I hope you enjoyed this tarot reading for the New Moon in Gemini! As always, if you would like a personal New Moon reading focusing on intention setting for the month ahead, I am available for email readings sent anywhere in the world! And remember, I created an awesome Guide to Setting Intentions with the New Moon that you can download for FREEEEEE!!!! Yippee!!

Deirdre Doran