New Moon in Virgo Tarot Reading for September 1, 2016

Happy September and Happy New Moon in Virgo! The deep earth energy of the New Moon today has me thinking about fall and the end of the year. It's hard to believe that 2016 is already slowly drawing to a close. Now it's important to take stock and reacquaint ourselves with the goals we set at the beginning of the year, the progress we have made, and the forward path we want to pursue. I've designed a special tarot reading for us all to work with the Virgo earth energy now at this New Moon. Enjoy!FullSizeRender (3)

What needs to be organized or finished in order to feel more productive?- II of Wands Virgo is calling on you to live out the vision you have created for your life. You had an idea, a plan, a vision, a path to follow. You know what you want. You've made excellent decisions or at least you are trying your best and feel motivated and optimistic. The II of Wands is creative and inspired, and is a wonderful sign that you actually are already feeling organized and ticking off boxes on your To Do List. The energy of the Virgo New Moon is working to support you in continuing this process. The challenge now is to start thinking longer-term. You may need to branch out from your comfort zone in order to expand and make great progress. Think of this as a fun challenge that you can meet with enthusiasm and creativity. Oftentimes we fear that which we don't know, yet encountering the unknown is the only way to acquire further knowledge. You can do this. Sit down now with the power of the New Moon at your back, and made a long term vision for your future.

Where should attentions be focused for the remainder of the year?- The World You can start the vision by focusing on the remainder of the year. You started this year with big goals and The World card is telling you that you can accomplish those big goals. The World is a card of completion and integration. You can succeed, you are succeeding, you have succeeded. When you are sitting down to envision your long-term goals, why not start out by making a list of what steps you have taken and achieved up to this point. Congratulate yourself! You're doing awesome! Now, what do you want to do next that will make you feel whole, sustained, and an integral part of your surroundings? The World and the II of Wands often indicate travel or new locations. Do you feel like you have seen enough of your world? Maybe it's time to plan and execute a trip that you have long been hoping to take. The World is yours to discovery. What are you hoping to find?

How to best shower the body and environment with love and attention?- VII of Wands The VII of Wands indicates a struggle against the odds, one where you have to fight to hold your position, drawing deeply upon your inner-strength of purpose. Perhaps you have been working to create a healthy lifestyle and a secure home environment for some time now and finally feel like you have found a routine and space that serves you. Stick to it! Challenges will definitely crop up that will make you feel like falling off the proverbial wagon, but one slip, or even 15 slip ups, doesn't mean you have failed or have to throw in the towel. Life is a process, you just have to keep trying and hold true to what you want. Clarity of purpose is more important that flawless execution of the plan. Do not berate yourself, just dust yourself off, recommit to your goal, and acknowledge that perfection is impossible. You will always be learning and growing until the day you die. Then- who knows!?

Best wishes for a happy and productive New Moon in Virgo!