Pisces New Moon Reading: March 8, 2016

Happy New Moon in Pisces!  The New Moon is a wonderful time to set your intentions for the next four week moon cycle. What seeds do you want to plant now, nourish in the coming weeks, and watch grow?  With the moon in Pisces, this is a potent time to tap into your intuition and access your inner guidance. You may find that hidden messages in your dreams are not so hidden with the moon in Pisces, making you able to hear and act on the subtle advice your receive from your subconscious while you sleep. Pisces also loves to help others, be a supportive member of the group, and try to make things better for those they love.  Remember to try not to set your sights on too many things at once; intentions can be more easily manifested when you only focus on one or two at a time. I draw my inspiration from Lisa Michaels, who has TONS of wonderful advice on intention setting on her website. Here is what the tarot has to share with us at this New Moon in Pisces!


What special message does my intuition want to share with me now?- Queen of Swords reversed. The Queen of Swords is rational.  She uses her whip smart brains to make decisions according to her well-structured moral code.  With this card reversed, our subconscious is simply emphasizing the need to depend less on logic and more on intuition. It can be extremely tough for us to step outside of the mind in our modern society. We are constantly told to subjugate our gut feelings in order to focus on what "makes sense".  The Queen of Swords is a wonderful part of each of us, but we have to consciously choose to ignore her, or put her insistent need for "scientific proof" on the back burner. Sometimes you just know what you have to do without reading the instructions or following the rules. It's time to learn how to trust yourself on that.

Knight of Pentacles Shadowscapes Tarot

How can I listen to and allow my intuition to guide me going forward?- Knight of Pentacles.  The Knight of Pentacles is dogmatic. He just keeps plodding along. When you are feeling tired, stressed out, depressed, hurt, angry, frustrated, whatever, you can channel your inner Knight of Pentacles to help you keep going. His is approach is not fancy or complicated, it's just to not give up. You have to begin somewhere. The only sure fire way to totally fail is to never even try in the first place. Even if you have no idea how to move forward, or how to start trusting your intuition, don't give up before you even started.  No matter how many of your attempts to develop and trust your intuition go awry, you still have to keep going. Use the energy of the Knight of Pentacles to prop yourself up with unwavering determination. You may have more or less energy for the job on any given day, but resting doesn't mean you have given up the fight.


How can I show compassion and strive to make the world a brighter place?- VII of Cups rx. It's time to stop making up excuses and finding ways around helping others. Maybe you have felt like it is someone else's responsibility to fix what ails the world, since there isn't much that just little old you can do. Well, if everyone does exactly the same thing, wait for someone else to step forward and start change, then we all get nowhere. Whereas, if we each did just one little thing to make the world a brighter place, regardless of whether or not it was going to "fix everything", than we each bring the world one step closer to love and kindness. Don't wait for the perfect gesture of compassion and kindness either. Just pick one!  Choose whatever feels right today and remember to do the same thing tomorrow. Each of us can make a difference, and tons of minuscule differences add up.

Alright, there is your New Moon tarot reading for March 8, 2016. If you would like to get a personalized New Moon Reading, they are only $20 on my readings page.  You can order one through Paypal today and it will be in your inbox, waiting to insight and empower you by Friday!  Yippee!