Card Meaning: The World

1389149_299288870261309_1938531962_nKeywords: completion, accomplishment, goals reached, end of a cycle, end of an era, achievement, closure, larger perspective, celebration, success, travel, worldly outlook Reversed: almost there, need for a last push, blocked completion, isolation, rejection of others, closed-off, desire for closure denied, delay, blockages, need for perseverance


Associated minor cards: X of Pentacles

You can find my experience with The World during the Biddy Tarot Soul Meditation here.

The World card is number 21 in the Major Arcana, making it the last of the 22 cards in this grouping of cards which starts with card 0. The Fool.  As the final card of the Major Arcana, The World represents completion. Here we are at the end of a cycle, a journey, a project, an era if you will. This is generally the marker of a good ending, one full of satisfaction at your accomplishments. You have worked so hard, now you can see all that effort laid out behind you resulting in your grand success. When The World shows up in a reading it's time to congratulate yourself for this success. You did it!  The wisdom that you have developed and received through this process is yours for the rest of your life.

The World marks a time of transition. Now that you have completed this latest cycle of your life, you have to inevitably start the next one. The World is an indication that now is the time to start with a clean slate. You may want to do something totally different, a complete departure from what you had previously completed.  Say for example, you built a successful business and recently sold it. Now you are looking for a new career or are ready to retire. The World is here to open new doors for you, so let in the fresh air of possibility surround you.

One way to usher in change and open doors is to travel. The World encourages you to expand your surroundings and explore new places. If you have never left the country in which you were born, The World may show up repeatedly in a reading to let you know that your growth as a person requires you to get out of your comfort zone. If you are a constant world traveler, The World card may show up as your talisman for a living in harmony with your life goals. It indicates that you are on the right track, following your unique path through the Universe. If you are somewhere in between a homebody and a constant traveler, The World card makes an appearance to tell you to go somewhere new. Finally, starting planning that bucket list vacation to Tahiti, or if funds are low, watch a travel show. You can always find a free couple of hours to take a trip to the next town over and grocery shop there instead, and while you are there, buy some ethnic food you have never tried before to take your taste buds on a trip!



The World reversed: When The World shows up for you in a reading in the reversed position, it is probably because you aren't ready to move on right now. You are still finishing up a project or life cycle and there are aspects of that process that you still need to tie up in a neat bow. Or it could be that you are tying a big sloppy bow, but either way you are still in the end phase process. When you see this card reversed, ask yourself what you still need to finish. Do you know what project of life process this reversal is referring to that you have been working on for a long time? Sometimes, end phases can last years as you slowly struggle to finish a degree or get out of one job and into another. The best you can do is allow the process and not give up!  Time will see you through to completion.

You may also be blocked from finishing up something right now.  Perhaps that blockage comes from outside forces which do not want to let you move on, or it could be internal forces that are afraid to end an era. Either way, the first step is to identify the block.  What is keeping you back at this time? Is it just a little bit of extra time? Is it a much needed boast in motivation to get you over a hump? Is it spending time away from people who are getting in your way?  Figure out what your block is and work to eliminate it. Once you can say to yourself "this is what's holding me back." You are on the fast track to overcoming that block and completing this cycle.

You may also find yourself homebound with The World reversed. If you have been out and about an awful lot lately, The World reversed may show up to tell you to stay home and recuperate for a while. You could even spend that time planning your next big trip if you're unable to sit still for too long. Of course, if you have already planned a magnificent trip and The World shows up in a reading, you may want to double check all of your travel arrangements.  Your trip may not go as smoothly as planned. Remember, the Universe has a plan for you, so when your best laid plans go awry, try to learn something from that experience and see if you can figure out why you have ended up where you are now.