Card Meaning: The Magician

Magician1Keywords: magic, manifestation, creativity, "as above, so below", capability, transformation, beginning a new project, resourcefulness, personal power, action, skill, optimism, concentration, focus, inspiration, can-do attitude

Reversed: Writer's block, creative block, gathering resources to begin, not quite ready to take that leap of faith, lack of focus, latent potential, manipulation, laziness, weakness, confusion, hesitation, impatience, resistance, self-doubt, spiritual lack

Associated Minor Card: II of Wands

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The Magician year is infused with the energies of creation and manifestation. He has an innate power to bring into physical being all that he is inspired to create. That inspiration is pure potential. Consider that potential to be magic. The Magician is open to the universe, to potential, and to expanding all that is possible.

The Magician is ready to take action.  He is the conduit through which spirit manifests in the physical world. The Magician is concerned with figuring out his place in the world, so there is a focus on the external. This world is where we do things! You may feel a surge of energy into your life when the Magician appears in a reading.  You are acting as that channel of spirit into reality. You are a lightning rod, channeling inspiration and brimming with enthusiasm. Take note of what you want to bring into this world, what you can make real out of this energy, what is meaningful and adds value to your life.


The Magician does not fear that there is a finite amount of creative energy available. He knows that universal energy is infinite. You will never use it all up, so draw more and more in order to grow your creation. In fact, the more energy you channel, the easier it will become to draw on even more as you grow into your power and become accustomed to its flow. Do not let self-doubt or lack of confidence creep into your experience. You have the power to make your world into whatever reality you want to create. No one else can do that for you or take that from you. The Magician reminds you to be a powerful creator.

The number 1 of The Magician is about new beginnings. The Magician may appear when you are feeling passionate about approaching yourself and your life in a new way. This could be something new you do physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. This is about being conscious of who you are, how you are, and what you are as a person. Recognizing and realizing your being, your eternal essence, your shining soul that is the real you, is of utmost importance.

The Magician is extremely resourceful. The Magician has everything he needs to transmute the immaterial essence of an idea, inspiration or desire into physical form. He reaches up to the heavens where this essence hangs all around us, and points it down toward the earth, toward the physical plane of our material experience. He is a master of the concept: “as above, so below.” He will make his world to mirror his soul.

The Magician is filled with optimism and enthusiasm.  The personal power that is almost tangible boasts up his vibrational level, causing him to feel invigorated and pumped on life. Magicians are in good spirits when they are following their passion for manifestation. His general attitude is: “Yes, I can!”. He has the ability to focus and concentrate on his goals.

The Magician reversed:


The strong energetic influence of The Magician can be difficult if you do not know how to channel that powerful energy.  You may find yourself feeling full of magical forces and energy and not know how to direct that or ground it in reality, in the earth.  All that energy in your body can cause anxiety, abusive behavior, madness or just a general unhappiness.  If you feel restless or anxious to grow or start something new, look for appropriate channels for your energy. Remind yourself that you are limitless, instead of focusing on your self-imposed limits.

Watch for signs of hesitation or outright refusal to begin. This reversal may show you resisting what you truly want. This resistsance is most likely Fear. Fear of failure, feel of embarrassment, fear of learning, fear of the dark, etc. can hold you back. Whatever it is, fear is what holds us back from living up to our fullest potential. The Magician reversed asks you to return to the energy of The Fool and take a leap of faith, demolish fear, allow yourself to create, be powerful, be The Magician!

The Magician reversed easily grows impatient when projects or plans do not immediately materialize.  Progress may be delayed, or you may have taken on a huge challenge that requires much development over many years. Your next step is to surrender to the process, to the cycles of energy, to being at the point you are at now. This is the place where you start from, each day brings you farther along your path, but where you ultimately end up is not as important as how you get there. Do not confuse your life purpose with your life goals. The purpose of your life is always to bring as much love and joy into the world as possible, to live in harmony with your divinity, to bring your values into alignment with your actions. Your life goals could be anything from having a good job, growing a family, being the President, whatever! Try to achieve your goals with your life purpose in mind.