Card Meaning: IV of Pentacles

927730_404539576364100_349520660_nKeywords: control, stability, security, grounded, reality-focused, down to earth, conservative, cautious materialism, miserliness, greed, close-minded, stuck, emotionally distant, resistant to change, focused on work and money Reversed: unstable, out of control, releasing control, surrender, connection with spirit, spending generously, wasting money on trivialities, outside of your comfort zone, ungrounded

Associated card: The Emperor


The IV of Pentacles is about grounding and connecting fully with the physical world. The Pentacles represent Earth energy, the world of all that is tangible- this computer, that tree, those people over there. All of the things that can be assessed with the five senses of touch, smell, sight, hearing, and taste. The number four is numerological representative of stability. It is the square that solidly plants itself in reality. The IV of Pentacles is a reminder to be physically connected to reality. When the IV of Pentacles appears in a reading, it asks you to question how you can bring yourself back to reality? How can you keep yourself grounded in the physical world you inhabit?

The IV of Pentacles is often perceived as a somewhat “negative” card, because it can signify miserliness, greed, and close-minded resistance to change. It is often about making money, working to further your career, and valuing possessions over everything else in life. These are not concepts we generally put a high value on in the tarot business world. The card can come as a warning not to value money over all else. Money cannot buy you emotional security and your possessions do not define you. The old expressions "you can't take it with you" comes to mind, as a warning when this card shows up in your reading. Materialism can be the opposite of being grounded.



IV of Pentacles Shadowscapes Tarot

When I see the dragon in the IV of Pentacles from the Shadowscapes Tarot above, I notice his tail turning to gold. This could be a sign of money taking possession of him, but it can also be seen as the golden value of being connected with the Earth. The dragon ages and dies and slowly decays, and that whole cycle adds value to the Earth and to the dragon.  So this is a perfect time to ask yourself whether you are too closely identified with possessing the earth, rather than being a part of the earth. There may be a need to be cautious or conservative in your approach. If you have been working extra hard for security and peace of mind in your financial situation, know that you have achieved that goal now, and don't go overboard. You don't have to keep working overtime or seeking further promotions at work. Perhaps you have found just the right comfort spot for yourself and can rest easy for a while.

Wild Unknown Tarot

The IV of Pentacles from the Wild Unknown Tarot easily depicts the sense of interconnectedness that I’m talking about between yourself and the physical world of the senses. Appreciating that interconnectedness and deeply experiencing it can bring color and value to your life. When you draw the IV of Pentacles in a reading, check your money attitude for sure, but also check your reality-o-meter. Are you living in a cloud? Are you ignoring important physical truths? We are here on Earth, in this reality, for a reason, so don’t discount this physical world in search of a higher truth. You will find that truth here. Think about how your body feels, reacts, grows, and diminishes in vitality with the seasons. Get in touch with the comfort that security and stability in your body evokes in you. Paying careful attention to your physical health will increase your mental contentment as well.

The IV of Pentacles reversed:

The IV of Pentacles reversed can indicate that you are ready to release control and surrender to fate at this time. These actions may be somewhat out of your comfort zone, but life is about taking risks. You cannot grow as a person if you do not think outside of the box a little bit and try new things. You will benefit from thinking less about your money in terms of watching it pile up, and think more about what that money can create in the world. Spend generously on others who are in greater need than you, especially if those people or projects you invest in are helping the earth, nature, or our environment.

You may be feeling slightly ungrounded, or disconnected from the earth with the IV of Pentacles reversed. This could mean a stronger connection to spirit, an emphasis on thinking or feeling, or just a general ignorance of your physical needs. Make sure you pay special attention to your body when this card comes up in a reading. You could be neglecting your physical health, especially if you are focusing too much on work and not enough time on self care, exercise, and your diet. Bring your attention to your body and ask it if it is feeling vibrant, how you can align your energy with your physical well-being, and what will nourish and nurture you at this time.

The reversed IV of Pentacles can also denote a sense of wildness. Things are out of control. You are feeling uncomfortable or unstable with your work, financial situation, or the direction your career is heading. It could be that your employment is not secure. You may find that you have been wasting your money on things that do not bring meaning or joy into your life. Remember, that things do not buy happiness. Happiness is not for sale. If you want to bring order and security back into your world, write down all the things you really need to survive. Pull your mind away from material objects, think of just the bare minimum. Then focus in on the relationships, experiences and feelings that you want to bring into your life. Balancing these elements of your life will help you deal with the insecurity of the IV of Pentacles reversed.