New Moon in Sagittarius Tarot Reading for December 11th, 2015

Today is the last New Moon of 2015 with a beautiful, dark night energy in Sagittarius! This New Moon is a wonderful time for focusing on and shaping new beginnings in areas supported by Sagittarius, for example: optimism, adventure, travel, philosophy, and independence. This sign is visionary and expansive, so this is an excellent chance to dream big, set goals for the coming year, and be creative. The last New Moon reading of 2015 helps us focus on how to be visionary, where we have to be cautious of overdoing it or exaggerating our abilities, and what we can hope to manifest this month. II of Pentacles Rider Waite Smith tarot

What will help with big picture vision this month?- II of Pentacles Knowing how to keep everything in balance is going to be your greatest asset this coming month. You want to keep work and play in harmony. Get shit done but enjoy the hell out of life as well. It can be done! You have this amazing super power now to achieve balance. Some of that power will come from multitasking but some will also come from some plain old common sense. As you plan ahead, you will have to weigh a lot of pros and cons, adjusting to changing circumstances, new opportunities, and getting fed up or just over what you were doing before. Set your priorities now with the New Moon just beginning to wax. Use some time management skills and create some to do lists. Don't forget to put the funs things on that list as well as the work items. Juggling these two aspects can even be a great game!

Knight of Pentacles rxed Rider Waite Smith tarot

Where can there be an excess of enthusiasm?- Knight of Pentacles reversed I'm not sure there actually will be an excess of ambition or enthusiasm for you this month. You are feeling practical and capable enough to slog on through all the things you "have to" get done but still feel wild and free enough to let loose. Getting stuck in a rut is not an option as you constantly try out new approaches and change your perspective. The adventurous energy of the Moon in Sagittarius is tempered here by the conservative and dogmatic approach of the Knight of Pentacles reversed. Remember not to get too knit-picky about the details of your plans for the future. When making that to do list, just set some goals and guidelines without feeling like you have to create a minute by minute account of exactly how you are going to reach those goals. This New Moon is more about vision and less about practical minutiae.

V of Swords reversed Rider Waite Smith tarot

What adventure and opportunity awaits this month?- V of Swords reversed I love this one- our greatest opportunity exists in laying down arms and just getting along. Yes, victory can be sweet and Sagittarius loves to be independent, but sometimes we take it too far and our victories can feel lonely and hollow after we decimate our rivals or enemies. A peaceful, anti-aggression, amend-making energy is pervasive at this time of the year. Everyone wants to get along, be tranquil and just have a good time together. Forget about grudges and battles and try to see the situation with fresh perspective. Who is benefitting from these fights? How is winning more important than allowing for differences of opinions or attitudes? Unresolved, negative thoughts and emotions are trying to dissipate now, so just go with the flow of good cheer. Do not resist the opportunity to let bygones be bygones when it is presented.

I hope you enjoyed this New Moon in Sagittarius reading for December 11th, 2015. I'm super excited about the coming new year and making all kinds of crazy plans for The Willow Path Tarot and for my personal life as well!  How 'bout you?!