Tarotscopes for December- Happy Birthday Sagittarius!

Can you believe it is already December?! How time flies! It´s now that we often find a moment to stop and reflect upon the year we have had, considering what we accomplished and setting big goals for the year to come. These types of activities are supported by the philosophical, yet optimistic energy of Sagittarius. We are able to exaggerate our successes a little bit, usually resulting in a more accurate representation than we would normally grant ourselves of achieving. We are also open to new ideas and integrating a year´s worth of lessons into our plans for the future. If you are looking for some encouragement, direction, and support during this transition time, I will be offering a special New Year´s 2016 tarot reading!  This reading will give you a healthy reality check on where you at, what can help you get back on track if you have faltered, and what obstacles this new year may spring on you. It will also cover aspects of love, career, and well-being coming up for you in 2016 and provide you with your theme card for the coming year. Keep your eyes peeled for an example reading I will do for myself in the next couple of days. This is going to be a truly insightful and empowering reading option, available only at this time of year!

In the meantime, here are your tarotscopes for December everyone!

II of Cups rxed Rider Waite Smith tarot

Sagittarius- II of Cups rxed Happy Birthday Sag friends! This month is all about you. You will have a strong desire for the spotlight to fall on you and let you shine. The needs and wants of others may fall to the wayside as you let your personal goals and desires take the lead. This type of self-directed energy is perfectly right for you. Get your priorities straight and then work to compromise and collaborate with others. Once you know in your heart what will make you happy, you will be ready to flow in your relationships, business partnerships, and friendships. Taking a step back to make sure you are meeting your own needs first is not selfish if it ends up helping everyone work better together.

Capricorn- VII of Cups reversed Illusions and deceptions will disappear for you this month, Cappy friends, allowing you to see the whole picture clearly. If it seems that forces outside of your control are directing your life, work on accepting this inevitablity. You honestly can´t control everything, but you can keep your heart and mind feel of self-deception.

Aquarius- VI of Swords This month will see a big shift in the way you are perceiving the world around you and your life situation. You may have been feeling that you are stuck in a rut, constantly going over and over the same mental ground. December will see you have a break through to the other side of that pattern, finally moving on to new fresh ground.

Pisces- The Empress reversed December will find you overindulging, as so many of us are want to do that this time of year, Fishies friends. It can be a wonderful thing to delight all of your senses, but just a small word of warning that you might find yourself a bit uncomfortable in your skin if you overdo it.  Your body deserves a precious balance, so be sure to take care of it this month.

Aries- King of Wands reversed As usually, you are go, go, go, full of ideas, projects, and plans this December, my Aries loves. You may find that you make yourself a bit crazy with rushing around and overcommitting this month. At this first day of the month, why not schedule in right now a coule of catch up days for everything you really want to get done, but that falls by the wayside. Because you will fall behind, so why not plan accordingly.

Taurus- VII of Wands reversed In the spirit of the holidays, you will find your defensive walls crumbling and your heart opening up, Taurus friends. Grudges you have been holding, battles you have been waging, etc. will lose importance with grievances diminishing. It is a great time to let bygones be bygones and start the year with a fresh slate, free of wounded spirits and drawn out battles.

Gemini- VIII of Pentacles You want to end the year with a bang, Twins friends, so you have your To Do list all made up and are ready to finish up all those projects you said you would get done this year. Excellent! The VIII of Pentacles supports your hard work and encourages you to keep plodding along diligenty toward success.

Cancer- III of Cups What do you know, Watery Cancer, you are ready to hold up your cup of joy (and spiced wine) and celebrate the end of the year in lovng style. Open up to those you love and share with them how meaningful and satisfying you find your relationships. Indulge in the good things in life because you are in the moment and happy.

Leo- The Chariot reversed You may find yourself losing steam at the end of the year, Lion friends. You had so much gusto and determination to make this year count, but now it is time to relax and stop driving yourself so hard. It is a wonderful time of year to take a break, take a nap, rest, meditate, and be still. You can pick up, full speed ahead all in good time, but not with full force if you don´t let yourself recuperate a bit first.

Virgo- II of Wands You are feeling visionary and powerful right now, Virgin friends. Don´t let this opportunity pass you by. If you have big dreams for your 2016, it is time to make those dreams into actions plans. Get out the old paper and pen and make an outline and plan for how you can manifest your dreams into reality. You will have the imagination and the creativity to hatch an extraordinary plan this month.

Libra- X of Cups Well heck, Libra friends, you couldn´t ask for a merrier card to usher in your month. It´s time to pratice some gratitude, so even if you are miserable, try saying how grateful you are for the good things in your life, no matter how big or small. Share that gratitude with your loved ones and try to really bring a beautiful content feeling into your heart. Let that happy feeling guide your thoughts and actions this month.

Scorpio- King of Swords reversed Cold, rational logic will not get you through this month of light, Scorpion friends. You need to put aside what "makes sense" and focus on what feels right instead. Go with your gut reactions and follow your heart a bit to see where it leads you. Put aside the notion that everything needs to be fair, and trust that the universe will bring balance and justice to your life.

Well, there you have it, the last tarotscopes of 2016! I´m proud to have accomplished my goal to do these tarotscopes each month of the year 2015! If you enjoy them, let me know and I will continue the practice next year :) Now have a wonderful month and I hope to hear from you soon!