Tarotscopes for August- Happy Birthday Leos!

Happy Birthday to you, Brave Lions!! The sun was happily shining away in the fire sign of Leo when you decided to emerge into this world. I hope everyone in the northern hemisphere is enjoying the hot, hot heat of the height of summer, getting touch with their own inner fire and inspiration. Leos were born to shine, so shower your Leo friends with the attention they so desire, including lots of loving compliments on how entertaining, interesting, and helpful they are to you. Here are you tarotscopes for the month of August! VIII of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot

Leo- VIII of Wands What a lovely and inspired card to get for your birthday month, Leo friend! The VIII of Wands may as well be your power card, as it shows the bolt of electricity that illuminates your year ahead. All of the inspiration, enthusiasm, and fiery energy that surrounds you when the Sun is in your sign is in sharp focus. Use that focus to your best advantage. There is a real ambition and drive to DO! to get the ball rolling, to really rock hard on your goals for the future. That momentum may bring about some quick and big changes for you during August, little Lion, so get ready for a transition to a higher level. This is also a great card for travel, so why not set off on a little trip this month to someplace near or far. Pick a place that inspires you even while you are able to relax and take it all in.  Happy Birthday Leos!

Virgo- King of Wands reversed Be aware of your expectations this month, Virgo friends. Are you placing too high of expectations on yourself or others? The type of lofty goals and attention to detail you demand may be outside of the scope of possibility this month.  Let off some steam, redirect your focus, and come back to your goal with renewed vigor after a rest.

Libra- Ace of Swords reversed Your overthinking things again, Libra friends. Get out of the constant weighing of pros and cons and just do something already! By all means, hold to your inner truth but remember that the world is not a rational place so you can't ever figure it all out with your mind. Try following a gut reaction and see if it doesn't take you someplace magical and unexpected.

Scorpio- The Magician reversed You may be experiencing some blocks in your creativity and powers of manifestation this month, Scorpio friends. Lack of planning or poor communication skills will crop up to take you off your chosen path. Unexplored territory can bring up new and and powerful skills that you didn't even know you possessed, so take that as your silver lining. You will end up exactly where you are supposed to be.

Sagittarius- Page of Swords reversed August might be a bit of doozy as far as communicating and sharing your thoughts and opinions with others. Watch out for sharp works to create harsh feelings, especially when you haven't thought things through and don't have a firm grasp of where you stand on the issues of debate. Be careful not to overcommit yourself this month as well.

Capricorn- X of Wands reversed If you've been feeling over-burdened this past month, Cappy friends, it's time to set down your heavy load and simplify. Figure out what really lights you up inside and quit the things you just feel like you should be doing, but aren't really that fun for you. Even if that means saying no to friendly requests to participate in something, it's ok- do your own thing.

Aquarius- The Emperor You are in a great position this month to take control of your life situation and create some stability and structure. The Emperor rules over his kingdom with firmness, but also with the best interest of his subjects.  Work with others to accomplish your goals, but do not bend your will. You can create a really solid foundation for your future course this month.

Pisces- III of Pentacles reversed Let's face it Pisces, multitasking isn't your strong suit.  You would do yourself, and those who love you, a favor if you would focus your attention on one thing at a time. This sharpness of attention will soon see you getting shit done with amazing speed, as long as you don't get distracted by what's next instead of focusing on the task at hand.

Aries- IX of Wands reversed Oh my gosh, Aries friends, let me just tell you that everyone is not out to get you this month!  When you are feeling overwhelmed, hesitant, paranoid or defensive, take a time out and analyze the situation.  The world does not revolve around you and you cannot know everyone else's story and motivations, so try not to take it personally.

Taurus- IX of Pentacles reversed You are probably not going to give yourself the rest and relaxation you need so dearly this August, Taurus friends. You are a sensual person, soothed and healed by the five senses, so denying yourself delicious foods, comforting touches, natural beauty and the like is going to make you supremely unhappy. Watch for where you are denying yourself pleasure and question your motives, question everything!

Gemini- VI of Wands This month is all about rising above, Twin friends. Don't feel shy about tooting your own horn, and getting the recognition you deserve. You've been working hard and it's time to recognize and reward your accomplishments and move on to the next level. Keep that hope and courage strong in your heart and your actions.

Cancer- II of Cups August will bring a little peace and harmony into your life, Crabby friends.  Look for work and personal relationship to find some wonderful common ground and compromises.  If you're looking for love, there is great energy for finding someone with common values and goals.  Remember to share your inner peace with those around you, shine on!

May you each have the best and most beautiful month ahead!