New Moon Reading for July 15th, 2015

Happy New Moon in Cancer!  The Moon is introspective and emotional in Cancer, so this could be a great night to find a secluded spot to yourself and have some alone time. Make yourself a home cooked meal, listen to some soothing music, spend some time journaling or meditating, and just be comfortable with yourself. If you have the chance to go for a swim- take it!  Here is a helpful tarot reading for you in the coming moon cycle! The Fool rxed Wild Unknown Tarot

What energy to bring in: The Fool reversed The Fool wants to spring into your life with an energy of spontaneity, innocence, possibility, and new beginnings. This is a happy, go-lucky energy that is bursting with fresh enthusiasm and spirit. Unfortunately, something is blocking this energy from being fully realized right now. It’s time to ask yourself what is holding you back from taking a leap of faith into that fresh new start you have been wanting so much to take. Why are you telling yourself no to your dreams and how can you stop that? Start getting honest with yourself and all your excuses. This Fool energy is present potential all around you and you can access it. Its just a matter of figuring out how to open up to this energy. It’s not an easy thing to figure out for sure but the next card can give a little insight into possible obstacles holding you back.

Mother of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot

What energy to release: Mother of Swords reversed The Mother of Swords is one smart cookie, but she is all cold logic and the rational approach. Western culture idealizes rationality, science, and the realm of the mind. Everything can be hypothesized, experienced, proven and theoreticized. Right? I say wrong! The universe is really just chaos and making sense of that chaos is beyond the powers of the mind. Sometimes you need to trust your intuition, listen to your calm inner voice that knows what is right for you, and perhaps doesn’t seem to make sense logically. That’s what needs to be done now to make a fresh start. You need to get out of your head. Stop telling yourself what can and cannot be done, what makes sense versus what is just crazy, and instead start dreaming that anything is possible. Once again, I’ll admit it’s no easy feat to change your way of thinking. A good start in that direction is to simply become aware of your thoughts. Listen to them as if you and those thoughts are separate (hint, you are). Next time you notice yourself putting yourself down, think “I’m thinking negative thoughts about myself right now.” This way you can watch your thoughts unfold and hold yourself a bit apart from them. Don’t identify yourself with the thoughts, but rather with the presence watching the thoughts. You are awesome, but your mind is trying to sabotage you into thinking you aren't good enough. Stop listening to it!

Ace of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot

Energy all around you: Ace of Wands This Ace of Wands represents inspiration and new beginnings, just as The Fool does. This reinforces the great potential this coming moon cycle to start afresh. Get in touch with what you are passionate about, what lights you up inside. This is the time to let that spark ignite into a full on flame. Whatever it is that you have been putting off, this month is the time to get out of your head and start doing it. Don’t let yourself be trapped by negative thoughts or doubts. Tell yourself that you can do it, you are capable, you are creative and inspired, and you are ready, willing and able. Once you start this new narrative, this positive affirming voice in your head that encourages you instead of puts you down, you are already well on your way to living your passion. The fact that this Ace of Wands shows up here in the upright position is a great sign that you are headed in the right direction and you will succeed in overcoming your negative thought patterns in order to make a big leap forward toward your goal to start anew.

If you need some clarity about how to jumpstart your fresh start this coming moon cycle, get in touch for a tarot reading! I would love to help you clearly define your goals, get you motivated, and clear away your obstacles to living your best life.

Happy New Moon in Cancer!