The Queen of Swords Knows That She Knows

Queen of Swords Rider Waite Smith deck The Queen of Swords is, in my opinion, the most badass of the Queens. She is intelligent and street smart. She is rational and witty. Her sarcasm is legendary and hilarious in its perfect placement. Most importantly, the Queen of Swords is experienced and wise. She knows what to do in a given situation, because she has been there before and now has the confidence and grace to just get 'er done without drama or fuss.  I try to channel the Queen of Swords' energy whenever I am in situation that involves a no nonsense attitude. She helps me go into a tarot reading with the assured knowledge that I know what I'm doing, I've experienced and all-knowing, and I will do a great reading. The Queen of Swords knows just what to do because she is perceptive, organized, logical, and an independent woman. She can play the patriarchy game, but still maintain her strong feminine balance with her inner world.

Kristen and I used some pretty intense Queen of Swords energy the other day, providing a fine example of the Queen of Swords in action. It was a beautiful day, and we were just happily driving Lady Van along the gulf coast of Mississippi, windows down, New Orleans our objective.  Suddenly, a loud crunching pop came from the driver's side door, and I looked over to see the window slowly sinking into the door frame.  It was startling but also comical, as Kristen tried to hold onto it and continue driving the car.  Quickly she decided that the effort was in vain and with astonished glee and dismay, we watched the window sink out of sight, never to return.  We pulled into the parking lot of a coffeeshop and Kristen immediately whipped out her phone to find a mechanic.  She called three shops, set up the earliest appointment available, and then went into the coffeeshop to get the internet password so we could work while we waited for our appointment.

My favorite Queen, Kristen Ford, and the infamous, disappearing window.

What else would the Queen of Swords possibly do?  She identified the problem, found the right person to help, and then set a new plan in motion effortlessly.  This Queen doesn't see the point in feeling upset or angry by the situation.  The Lady Van is our Chariot, we will fix her, no reason to put up a fuss or resist the reality of needing to get her fixed.  The Queen of Swords can also see the humor in the situation and be able to laugh about small misfortunes.  Do we have money for another mechanic fix? not in the least!  Can we leave the window down for the rest of the tour?  absolutely not!  The Queen of Swords knows instinctively what is truly important in life, and isn't melodramatic or even dramatic, about that which she has no control over.  The window isn't a big deal in the grand scheme of things, so now it is fixed without any tears or shouting.  We even got a discount on the repair when we threw in a Kristen Ford CD for the mechanic :).