Tarotscopes for March!

Hello there tarot lovers! Well February flew by, huh? Spring is on the way for us in the Northern Hemisphere, and boy are we looking forward to it!  Welcome to March, and here are your tarotscopes for the month.  Enjoy!  Remember, if you need a spring time tarot reading, get in touch! IXWandsWU

Birthday Tarotscope for Pisces: IX of Wands reversed It's your special time of year, my dreamy Pisces friends. Happy Birthday!  The IX of Wands reversed is here to gently encourage you to be persistent and stay the course. Although you may feel a little bit like giving up and relaxing this month, you can't throw in the towel just yet. You have made so much progress with your goals, passions, and self-development in the past year. Yes, take a time out to acknowledge your growth, to congratulate yourself, and to write down a couple of goals for the coming year. But then get your ass back in gear!  You are nearing completion on some amazing projects and goals, so don't give up!  This could be the year you finally see the results you are looking for, so forge ahead!

Aries: The Hanged Man reversed This month is all about get up and go for you, Aries.  You are done with waiting and seeing, you are ready to take action! Remember not to act hastily though, The Hanged Man uses his wise perspective and serene, calm center, to make right decisions.

Taurus:  Daughter of Pentacles reversed Your impatience for spring and new beginnings is wearing pretty thin these days, Bull friends.  While your deep desire to connect with the earth, to start afresh, and to learn and grow are high right now, try not to just be waiting around for later.  Be peaceful in the moment, spring will come, and in the meantime, you can rest up and prepare. Gemini: Son of Pentacles reversed The routine is going to get awfully boring for you this month, Gemini.  The desire to do something new, or to mix up the old way of doing things, is going to be strong.  This is a great month to try out a new exercise or healthy eating plan, or to find a new route to work, or to rearrange the furniture!

Cancer:  VII of Wands reversed March will find you ready to give up old battles that are no longer worth fighting, Crabby dears.  What old flames have you been keeping alive that don't serve any purpose in your current situation?  Let the past live in the past, it's ok to let old problems go.

Leo: VI of Cups reversed Feel like you have been on a long walk down memory lane, little Lions?  No more looking back!  Whether it's happy or sad memories replaying in your head, it's time to focus instead on the present.  Now is where you make changes and heal your heart.

Virgo:  VII of Pentacles March will be an excellent time for evaluation and celebration for you, dear Virgos.  Engage in some of that spring cleaning you find so essential to moving forward.  Remember to plan some kind of celebration, whether its for a promotion, a project well done, whatever! Now is the time when you get to reap the rewards of your hard work!

Libra:  IV of Swords Time to take a mental break, Libra friends.  Perhaps February saw some hard decision making times, and now you need to rest and recuperate. Try finding some time away from your thoughts, either meditating, reading, sleeping, anything that gets you out of routine thought and into a peaceful, quiet mind. Scorpio: II of Wands reversed What's holding you back from setting purposeful intentions and sticking to them this month, Scorpio?  Perhaps you are withholding your personal power to create, to envision, to manifest.  Get in touch with that resistance and brake through it this March!  Nothing is holding you back but yourself.

Sagittarius:  VIII of Pentacles reversed It's time to take a little break from hard work this March, Sag dears.  If you have been going at it nonstop since the New Year, you need to break away and do something fun this month!  On the other hand, if you have been dragging your heels on your intentions, March is the perfect time to actually kick it into gear.

Capricorn: III of Wands March is going to be a month filled with long term visions for you, Cappy-dos.  Spend some time making a vision board or a 5 year plan.  Let your imagine run wild! What would be the best future possible?!  Now get started with all of that III of Wands fire energy!

Aquarius:  The Moon The Moon would like to remind you that some things in life are mysterious and chaotic. Find some time to get in touch with at mystery this month, Waterbearers.  Life isn't all about logic and rationality.  Do something wacky and weird for reasons unknown and perhaps do it under the light of the full moon on the 5th!