The Queen of Pentacles Mothers Us All

Queen of Pentacles Rider Waite Smith deck For the last two weeks I've been housesitting for 4 cats, 4 dogs, and 5 horses in a lovely home, on a beautiful piece of land in North Carolina.  It occurred to me tonight as we picked up our mess around the house and got our last snuggles in with the animals, that I have been channelling some strong Queen of Pentacles energy during these two weeks. The Queen of Pentacles is the earth mother.  She is The Empress archetype incarnate. She is the lover of the nature, she nurtures all who come under her care, she is giving, generous, and abundant with her love and attention. Thirteen animals (and one special girlfriend) require my boundless care on a daily basis.  They deserve it and they inspire it from me.  As I'm typing I look down at the little, old man of gray kitten on my lap and count his 5 remaining teeth, each as precious.


The Queen of Pentacles is the ultimate mother. Although I am a Cancer, I've never been interested in having human children.  I am intensely devoted to the idea of having pets in my life though. Animals to care for and share my life with are high on my priority list.  Many tarot readers interpret the rabbit in the image of the Queen of Pentacles from the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck pictured above, to be a sign of fertility.  But, perhaps this bunny is a symbol of this Queen's love of animals.  We as humans are animals ourselves, although we often forget that, and to our detriment. Living with pets brings us closer to the aliveness of our humanity.  They remind us of our bodies, the enjoyment of movement, of importance of touch, exercise, fresh air, not to mention the less highly regarded bodily functions ;).  Spending time with animals reminds us of what unconditional love really means, as it is their natural state of being.

Snickers and I having some snuggle time.  She looks like she is hugging me, but really she is just looking for treats in my pocket!

The Queen of Pentacles can strongly connect to the nature of animals because she too is capable of unconditional love.  This Queen looks at her child, at her pet, at a tree, or a blade of grass and knows that it is perfect and worthy of love simply by existing.  She will do anything for those she loves, from simple acts of nourishing with food and providing adequate shelter, all the way to listening to your problems and nursing you back to health when you are ill.  Whatever it takes, the Queen of Pentacles does it as a matter of course, without seconds thoughts or hesitation. She will give you all the practical necessities of life, making you feel safe and secure. Best of all, she does it with a swift practicality that is so down to earth and approachable, you just know that you aren't imposing on her. She sets everyone at ease.

Dusty the old man cat.  We call him Robot kitty because he has some neurological problems from a strok


This little gray kitty named Dusty, who is on my lap right now, got a cold earlier this week.  He was sneezing and wheezing, not eating, only sleeping and leaking crusty eye buggers.  He looked like hell. I'd never seen a cat with a cold before, honestly, so we called the vet and took him in to get hydrated and antibiotics. As I held this goopy old man cat at the vet's office, I felt like the Queen of Pentacles would be so approving and proud of my actions.  This is how you care for others, even old cats who have already had strokes and walk around like a robot.  Even when he stinks and is covered in puke and boogers, this Queen sees only a soul who needs love and attention.  I am so happy to see this Dusty healthy and clean again!  Taking him to the vet felt so down-to-earth and necessary, I was totally in full on Queen of Pentacles mode!

What makes you feel like a Queen of Pentacles?  When do you feel loving, generous, practical, down-to-earth, giving, abundant, and mothering?  Maybe your children or pets give you this feeling, but it could be your coworkers, your friends, your book, your business, or your bicycle.  The possibilities are endless! We all have her calm inner center that wants to provide shelter, nourishment, comfort and love for others. How can you connect with that center and radiate joy and abundance in your life? Maybe a rescuing a cat or dog from your local animal shelter could help!