New Moon Reading for February 18th, 2015

Another moon cycle comes to a close and so another begins!  This New Moon in air sign Aquarius will be occurring tonight February 18th, 2015.  This is the second New Moon in Aquarius in a row, so we get a second chance to super charge our unique, intellectual ideas, especially those focusing on the group and the greater good of humanity. The moon will be heading into Pisces shortly though, so there is a dreamy quality to this New Moon which allows us to expand our vision into a magical land of possibility.  This is an excellent time to set a couple of intentions or goals for the coming four weeks. Working with this short energy cycle of the moon can help you get in touch with your own inner four week energy cycles, and manifest smaller parts of your overall year goals.  Today I asked the tarot cards for advice for all of us on setting our intentions now at the Aquarius New Moon. Enjoy and best of luck with making progress on your goals in the next four weeks! IX of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot

What energy will help you:  IX of Swords reversed It is time to release and let go of anxiety. The best advice on moving forward is to set aside doubts, worries, anguish, and anxieties. These types of emotions do not serve to aid you in any way toward your intentions. Especially if you consider yourself a worry wart, now is the time to stop identifying yourself with your constant mental script of what ifs and negative outcomes. Open yourself up to positivity, to the idea that you can accomplish your goals, that nothing is going to get in your way, and anything that tries to get in your way will be integrated into your plan. I know, it can be incredibly difficult to let go of doubt and anxiety.  These can become ingrained patterns. Try performing a ritual to release negativity. Write down all your negative thoughts and emotions on a piece of paper and then destroy that paper.  If you can safely burn it, I would recommend putting your doubts to the fire of your passions and letting all of your positive, creative energy reduce your worry to ashes.

X of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot

What will hinder your intentions now:  X of Wands Feeling burdened by all your goals will hinder you in working toward any of them effectively.  Perhaps you are overwhelmed with all of the projects, goals, and intentions you want to set. It's time to narrow it down! Focus on what really lights you up at this time and let the other goals go for now.  I know it can be hard to not follow through on every good idea you have, but if you are generating more ideas than you have the ability to take on at this time, your overwhelm is not helping the situation. Overwhelm causes inertia and that's what those doubts and anxieties creep back in and stop your progress. Write down each vision you have for creativity and keep those pages handy to remind you that you can always pick those other ideas back up later when the time is right. Now with a clear mind you will then have so much more energy and drive to work on the smaller, manageable goals that you are really pumped about right now.

IX of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot

What to expect in the coming month:  IX of Wands Determination and stamina are on your side in the coming moon cycle. All that energy around your amazing projects and intentions that we see in the last card, X of Wands, is going to give you the drive to continue on and make great progress this month. Once you narrow down your focus to one or two intentions to accomplish this month, the IX of Wands says that nothing can stop you from keeping on toward you goal. Remember to break your huge goals for the whole year or for your whole life! into smaller increments that you can take on in shorter cycles. A four week moon cycle is perfect for this. Take some time tonight to release old anxieties, reflect on the bigger picture of your soul purpose, and then ask yourself what you are passionate about creating right now.  The Wands want you to express that creativity this coming month, working tirelessly toward that vision you have swelling inside of you at this time.  Reach toward the dark moon tonight and encourage yourself to have the will be successful right now!  You are already perfect, you can only add to that!

Blessed New Moon!  I hope you let these insightful messages from the tarot help to guide you in the coming moon cycle starting tonight.  If you would like to share your own experiences, New Moon wishes, or order a personalized New Moon reading, please get in touch at!