5 Reasons to Get an Email Tarot Reading

Did you know that I specialize in email tarot readings? I love to write and I love the tarot, so this combination is a perfect match for me. I believe that we are all one, one collective consciousness beyond space and time. The tarot is a tool to tap into the consciousness, to access our inner knowing. There is no need for us to be in the same physical location to take into that shared wisdom.

Many people love getting their readings in-person, they like the connection and face-to-face interaction. I totally support that, heck I even do that if we end up in the same location. But right now, let me offer you 5 great reasons why you should consider getting an email reading!

1. You can read it now!  And you can read it anyway you would like:  fast, slow, in the tub, under the light of the New Moon, whatever floats your boat.  With an email reading, you can go over the details again and again until you "get it".  You can read it privately or you can share it with all of your friends. You can print out your reading and carry it around with you if that is helpful.  Then you can whip it out on the subway or in the waiting room, wherever! and refresh your memory on your amazing tarot reading.  If you are shy, this is the perfect way to get a tarot reading without having to show up and talk to someone in-person.  And no, I'm not making fun of you, I'm an introvert too :)!

2. You can read it later!  Often in the excitement of an in-person reading, lots of details slip through our memory gaps.  Then the details that do stick in your brain get engraved there, and you let go of other details that might be really important to you later.  The beauty of an email reading is that you can review it in perfect clarity one month, two months, even a year later.  As long as you do not erase your email reading, you have access to it, exactly as it was written for the rest of your life!  (Also, I do back up my computer often so if you ever accidentally erase your reading, just get in touch and I can resend it). You will be amazed how some parts of the reading will speak to you differently as time passes.  What first seemed unimportant or irrelevant, just might turn out to be the most empowering aspect of the reading later.

3.  An email reading fits into your schedule!  You don't have to worry about making an appointment, getting out of your pjs or out of work, and getting to your appointment on time.  You can also open up your email reading whenever it is convenient to you.  I don't know about you, but there enough things going on in my life that I don't always want to go driving around town any more than I already do.  You can order a tarot reading online, from anywhere that has an internet connection, and then proceed to read it whenever you have time (see #1).  An email reading is also great if you don't want to be seen going to a tarot reader. I know in the USA, there are lots of sections of the country where that might reflect negatively on you, and while I don't agree with that negativity, I understand the importance of anonymity.

4. You can choose the perfect reader for you!  There are so many amazingly skilled, compassionate, and talented tarot readers online available to do email readings.  You can get a sense of their writing styles and tarot reading style from their intriguing websites and blogs.  Then you can pick the one that does the type of reading you are looking for, at the right price, and that really jives with your vibes.  Many people do not live in urban places with tons of talented tarot readers to choose from, so you either have to travel to that perfect reader, or wait for a psychic faire or other event with a large variety of readers to come to your area.  The internet takes away that difficulty, allowing you to get a great email reading from whomever you desire.

5.  Getting mail is fun!  I love opening up my inbox to find a thoughtful, insightful, and helpful email all about me, focusing on exactly the issues with my life that I'm interested in and passionate about!  How indulgently wonderful :)! Many readers out there will also send you a print out of your reading in the snail mail (ahhhh, real mail!  not spam or bills!), or even a beautifully handwritten tarot reading that feels like a letter from your favorite pen pal. Mail has amazing capacity to add that tangible feeling to your reading that warms your peaceful heart.

Well, are you convinced?  I hope so!  Please check out my available email reading page at your convenience, and I look forward to hearing from you anytime!