Tarot Reading for the New Moon in Cancer

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We have a lovely New Moon in Cancer on July 2nd, 2019 as well as a solar eclipse. This Moon is all about nurture and acceptance of the self and all that entails. You are human and you have thoughts, emotions, physical and spiritual needs. That is your essential nature and it is beautiful. It is not time to weigh and judge yourself, deeming some things good and others bad. Rather it is a time to allow for all you are, all the potential you still hold, and to accept yourself.


Strive to do your best as a human being without devolving to perfectionism. Recognize your efforts, believe in yourself, love and nurture your efforts. When you acknowledge that you are doing your best with the tools you currently have, you can live purposefully and joyfully. This New Moon is a wonderful time to set the intention to nurture yourself and see how this outlook can help you create your best, most authentic life.


Eclipses act as beginnings, as special gateways into a new phase of your life. This gateway leads to changes in the realm of Cancer: the home, family, emotions, and self-love. Eclipses can bring shakeups, unexpected changes, and doorways that we never imagined. Try to relax and go with the flow during eclipse season (there will be a lunar eclipse on July 16th), as trying to figure out what is going to happen and how you can deal with it is pointless. You can’t know the future or do anything to change what hasn’t even happened yet. Instead, dedicate your energy to nurturing and caring for yourself!


Let’s ask the tarot how we to bring more nurturing energy into our lives:



How can I best nurture myself at this New Moon?- Queen of Pentacles

The most nurturing thing you can do for yourself at this New Moon is to actually take care of yourself! Stop telling yourself that you’ll treat yourself well someday and instead do it right now- literally, seriously, actually right now. You may be in the habit of always putting yourself last. You are a giver. You make sure that the needs of everyone you care about, and even some people you don’t care about!, get met before you tend to yourself. And most of the time you’re too exhausted and burnt out to do anything nice for yourself after all that giving.


At this New Moon, you own it to yourself to take care of your body, mind, heart, and spirit first, before anyone else. Start by giving your body what it needs. Think of delicious and healthy foods that nourish your body, movement that energizes and then relaxes, and plenty of rest and sleep. Also, take care of your mind. Make sure you are expressing your thoughts and ideas. You can do this through journaling, creating art, or talking to a friend or counselor. Take care of your emotions by accepting them, exploring them, sharing them, and allowing them. What you feel matters. What you create from the heart is useful and important. Lastly, check in with your spirit and make sure you are bringing into creation the things that call you. You are on this earth now for a reason, you don’t need to know exactly why that is, but you can surrender to the knowledge that your life has purpose and meaning.


Be like the woman in the image from the tarot card above, surrounded by beautiful, soft, fragrant, and tender things. The Queen of Pentacles is the Earth Mother, she is the Empress, she is here to care for all that exists on this planet. She does this out of love, in the spirit of Cancer, which is the fundamental essence of love and emotion, as the love of a mother for her child. Cherish yourself, hold yourself dear, care and comfort yourself. When you come from this place of love for self, you are so beautifully prepared to love and cherish everything around you. Self-love is the foundation from which you can grow to nurture the world.


Affirmations: I intend to nurture myself. I deserve to nurture myself. I love myself therefore I will nurture myself. My need for nurturing comes before the need of others.


How can I be more nurturing and supportive of my creations?- Page of Pentacles

Treat your creations as if they were your children. Heck, maybe your creations are your children! ;) No matter what you create, what you put out into the world, it is a thing of wonder. It should be treated with your love and respect. Be awestruck at what was once just an idea in your head that you have made manifest through your actions, dedication, hard work, imagination, and perseverance. It is a wonder to be human and create. Do not lose that wonder in the struggles and mundanity of life’s events.


The Page of Pentacles is earthy and solid. This is an energy of materialization, of being able to put your hands on a creation, or put your finger on an idea. There is steadiness and shape to it. Nurture your creations as part of reality, because they are real. Speak them out loud, show them to people around you, be proud to point to something solid and say, “This is my creation.” This act of claiming and naming is crucial to nurturing your creations. It clearly states the message that you have done something, or intend to do something, and what is named holds power.


There is an energy around the Page of Pentacles that indicates that there is much left to learn and that that learning is desirable, expansive, needed, wanted. Consider your creations as little seeds that you are planting and nurture them in the same ways that you would a garden. Give them nourishment, space, and love. Be patient and allow them to grow. Know that your creations will feed you, usually on a spiritually level, allowing you to express what is in your mind and heart that your body can manifest. This is a constantly renewing and new process, so come at your creations always with fresh eyes, openness, and willingness to learn. When creating becomes old and stale, the soil deleted, the plants taken for granted, then creation becomes boring and stagnant. That is not what creation is about and it is time to come at this life with fresh eyes. Creation is always a wonder!


Affirmations: My creations deserve to be nurtured. What I create has meaning and purpose. My creations allow for my growth and expansion. I create out of love.


How can I contribute to creating a more nurturing and caring world around me?- Justice

Ah, Justice, what a straightforward and deliberate card. It asks you to nurture this world by making fair and just contributions. Treat other people and this planet as you would like all people to treat each other and the Earth. Come from a place of equality, inclusive of all living creatures on this earth. Do not fall into the false belief that because you are human and hold greater intelligence than say, a cow, that you have any more right to live a peaceful and wondrous life on this planet than that cow. We all deserve this planet, we all deserve a chance at a good life.


Justice also points out the immediacy of what is real. So often people get caught up in future plans or wax nostalgic about the past. What about the now? What about mindfulness of the moment? What about what is actually happening? Justice gets you back into the now and hits you with, “This is what is real.” When you recognize what is happening now and accept that you are responsible for the way your life is, and on a greater scale, the way the world is, you can then act in the now to make changes that you desire. Be the change you want to see in the world, right now, without delay, without a total plan, without everyone else doing the same thing.


You can’t wait around for everyone to wake up. If you are woke now, act now. Realize that some people are here to help you wake up with their ignorance. Thank them for showing you how you’ve been asleep, they serve a beautiful purpose to awaken people. Even if they annoy the shit out of you, the sacrifice they made by being an asshole in this lifetime has allowed you to uplevel to someone who sees that artifice and injustice. Thank them and move on. Yes, I know that is extremely difficult, but you can do it! You can nurture the world by accepting that some people are here to create change through aggravation. It isn’t pretty, but you won’t make anything better by fixating on them and distracting yourself from your own growth.


Affirmations: I intend to be just and fair. I intend to act in equality. I intend to wake up. I intend to live in reality. I intend to live mindfully and in the moment.


There you have it! I hope you enjoyed this New Moon tarot reading for the collective. If you would like more information about how to connect with the energy of Cancer at the New Moon, grab my FREE Guide to Setting Intentions with New Moon. This puppy won’t be free forever, so why not get your download while I’m feeling gifty?!


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Some ducks I saw on Panhandle Lake, somewhere along the Alaska Highway.

Some ducks I saw on Panhandle Lake, somewhere along the Alaska Highway.

Deirdre Doran