The Knight of Wands Has Too Many Good Intentions

Knight of Wands rx Rider Waite Smith tarot I accidentally woke up 3 hours late this morning. It was a cold night, below freezing in Louisville, KY and Kristen and I were snuggled up in our heavy duty sleeping bags in the van, peaceful as lambs.  The night before we had a long conversation about manifesting all of our ideas into action- high level Wands/Fire element stuff :) Kristen is a very fiery person, always coming up with new ideas and creative projects to support her music career.  I, on the other hand, am a bit more pokey when it comes to new ideas and like to think about them A LOT before any action occurs. The problem we always seem to be having is: lots of energy around the spark of an idea, and lack of planning (swords/air), depth (cups/water) or doing (pentacles/earth).  There are always a ton of irons in the fire and not enough hands to do anything with all that iron! How Knight of Wands!

So we meant to wake up at 8am and get stuff done, but instead Kristen's phone died during the night, the alarm didn't go off, and neither of us woke up until 11am.  Oops! This situation struck me as classic reversed Knight of Wands: misdirected energy, projects diverted, lack of planning, confusion, and general breakdown of creativity. Oh dear!  The Knights are all about action, and Wands are that elemental spark of a purpose.  So often we find ourselves with the best idea, the coolest new project that we can't wait to get started on, and instead of making a plan and working toward manifesting that goal we run off in the wrong direction, or wait too long and the interest fades, or we misdirect our fire and burn out before much is accomplished. The Knight of Wands is a chaotic figure, leaving things incomplete or mangled beyond recognition, in his wake. A Knight is still young though, still learning, so let's pay attention to these lessons and not make the same mistakes over and over again.

Knight of Wands Shadowscapes Tarot

When you see this card in a reading, look to the cards around it to see where this energy is causing havoc. Knight of Wands energy can be very useful and productive when combined with some grounding influence of Swords or Pentacles.  This upright Knight of Wands is energetic, self-confident, and ambitious, all wonderful qualities when trying to get a project off the ground.  If he's reversed, and you see even more Wands cards in the reading, ask yourself how you can scale things back and make a concrete plan.  A million ideas is a wonderful thing, but not if the cacophony prevents you from acting on any of those ideas.  I like to write down in a journal every idea I get for a new business project.  Then, I effectively put it out of mind, forget about it, until I have the time and energy to pursue it.  Otherwise, the idea goes around and around in my head, making me feel a bit frantic and guilty when I can't get around to it soon enough.  I'll then grow bored of that great idea before I even do anything with it- what a waste of energy and mental anxiety!  Use the Knight of Wands energy to fire you up, and get you moving, but remember to be a well-balance person.  The Knight of Wands works well in harmony with all of the elements.