The Knight of Pentacles Explores the Mundane

Explorer of Earth Gaian Tarot Whenever I draw the Knight of Pentacles for my daily draw, I always think of what a cool personality type this card represents. This Knight makes me think of hiking, exploring the outdoors, having a wilderness adventure.  I suppose this impression comes from the Gaian Tarot and the title Explorer of Earth that corresponds to the traditional the Knight of Pentacles in other tarot decks. Personally, I love being outside, in the wilderness, exploring, looking at rocks and trees and the manifested, and having adventures. I love being surrounded by nature and animals and the earth element of Pentacles, so I relate to these aspects of the Knight of Pentacles.  I want to be like this Knight and also think he would be a cool person to hang out with and do fun stuff.

Knight of Pentacles Shadowscapes Tarot

Kristen drew this card the other day when we were sitting in Starbucks and she was working on a Photoshop project. This was totally NOT the fun outdoor explorer situation of the Knight of Pentacles that usually comes to mind.  I had to do some research and remembering to find that the Knight of Pentacles is also a routine guy. He is pragmatic and thorough. He does one step after the next, all in the right order, with the objective of completing a project. Kristen needed to get the album artwork done for a new Christmas album she is coming out with for the holidays.  First, she had to download Photoshop, which required her to update her operating system, which required her to update her personal information, which required hours and hours of her time just to get started.  Here is the perfect example of having to do all the routine, mundane steps of the job in order to complete a project.  The Knight of Pentacles is a person who can focus, plod along, do all the steps, and get things done.  This is the type of person who is committed to a project, invested in it's outcome, and is an engaged and thorough participant.

Knight of Pentacles Rider Waite tarot

Unfortunately, Kristen's was a difficult project.  Even when she channeled her inner Knight of Pentacles and watched tutorials and read the help sections, she still couldn't figure out how to apply Photoshop to this project.  This Knight is not always knowledgable and skilled enough to complete a project, even one to which he is totally dedicated and expects great things of himself. The Knight is not an expert, like the Queen of King of Pentacles.  He hasn't mastered his trade, he's still exploring and learning, trying to figure things out. Sometimes a project requires an expert, and Kristen ended up reaching out to a professional for help.  And that's ok.  The Knight of Pentacles is an explorer, and one obvious thing about explorers is that they are searching, they are figuring things out, they are looking for knowledge and answers.  They don't already know everything, or even pretend or presume to know it all. Explorers put one foot in front of the other in pursuit of their passions, and that exploration is never a failure or in vain.