The Star and also Wandering Stars

The Star Shadowscapes Tarot Today, in my daily tarot draw I got The Star card, and was ever so delighted.  I love The Star tarot card.  Looking at the image here from Stephanie Piu-Mun's Shadowscapes tarot deck, it is easy to feel the sense of hope, faith and peace that the card signifies.  I feel lucky that it is one of my tarot birth cards, it so wholly resonates with what I think life is all about.  Everyone may have their hard knocks during a lifetime, but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel through any hardship.  The Star reminds me of this, that if I have a little faith, look to my own spirituality and convictions, I can be inspired to find new beginnings and create abundance and serenity in my life. Yes, sometimes things are lackluster, or really suck, but those times can teach us important lessons and help us grow.  Then I think, perhaps everyone is drawn to their tarot birth card.  I mean, isn't that the point!?  If you're interested in finding out your own tarot birth cards, you could use this calculator from The Tarot School.

In an effort to connect with the energy of The Star, I've been spending some time outside standing underneath the night sky, just looking up.  I bet we all wish upon a star sometimes, and that little hope and imagination that that wish can come true attracts that wish's fulfillment into your life.  If you let it!  Just the simple act of putting your desire into words, letting yourself have a dream and acknowledge it, is the first step toward a new beginning, toward growth, toward self transformation.  I find it easy to be optimistic and expansive under the stars.  If you want to bring hope into your life, it's a wonderful thing to let the stars shine on you, count all the possibilities that exist for you, and let your own light shine out as well.

Recently, I have learned where Saturn is currently in the night sky and also that the ancient Greeks word planet means "wandering star".  It brought me no small amount of joy to find Saturn all by myself tonight up above the rooftops.  This got me thinking about what it could have been like all those thousands of years ago to wonder why some of the stars moved across the night sky in such a different way to the vast majority of those shiny lights above.  I love to imagine how it felt to not know something about the universe way back then, bring myself up to our current understanding, and then extrapolate out into all that we do not know now but hopefully will learn in the future.  There are so many things about the universe and how it works that our present scientific knowledge does not explain.  I was just reading National Geographic the other day, with a cover story about black holes, and how we have no scientific theories that can handle what goes on inside of them.  We have so much to learn! Maybe we will someday learn how tarot cards work :).

The extremely high level of perspective of black hole portals between universes left me feeling absolutely bizarre and wacky inside.  Our universe is potentially just a small universe among universes, our galaxy even smaller, our solar system a speck, our planet but a nano-particle and each of us? - so small and short-lived we barely even register as existing amongst all this vastness.  Really puts your problems in perspective huh?  That kind of high level thinking blows my mind, but it also does help a little bit in alleviating some of my angst about every day bullshit.  I like stepping back and asking myself- does this really matter in the grand scheme of things?  Perhaps stepping all the way back to a universe level is a bit too much ;), but even little steps back to any given week or month or year can help ground me and give me hope that this is but a blip in my life.  The Star reminds me to always have faith that my life is ever evolving and I can keep making it better if I believe I can.