Ready to Make Some Progress with the VIII of Pentacles

VIII of Pentacles Shadowscapes Tarot It's February already!  Time to get serious about 2014 and all the resolutions and goals I set for myself back at the New Moon on January 1st!  At the beginning of the year I did a couple fun tarot exercises that were meant to set the scene for 2014 on a personal level.  One of the things I love about learning tarot is doing a reading for myself and then seeing what actually happens.  I find this to be a great way to learn the cards.  I know it sounds simple, but most of the readings I do for other people create a connection between the client and I momentarily, but I never really find out how the information in the reading effected them or how things actually turned out. I did an oracle reading for each month of 2014, which I can now use to see how the energy of a chosen card plays out in my life throughout the month.  I can create a much deeper connection to the meaning of the card and hopefully commit that feeling to memory in order to improve my reading ability.

For the month of February I chose the VIII of Pentacles as the pervasive energy that will shape the month.  This makes me smile quite a bit because I know how much I have to learn and work hard this month, things represented by this card. I also know what poor progress I made in January.  I'm not oging to dwell on my mistakes in January, besides to realize that any mistakes are awesome chances to learn fruitful lessons.  January was ruled by the out of control energy of The Chariot reversed.  There was a lot of power and direction in January that went completely astray, leading me to say "enough is enough!" and make some real changes now.  Shit's about to get real in February.   I have a lot of goals, resolutions, and lessons to learn in February and I'm going to have to work very hard to accomplish them.  Luckily the VIII of Pentacles has my back this month, and I will likely have the stamina and focus to persist in my personal progress and achieve some real change.

First of all, I love the number 8.  It is my life path number/ birth card number, my favorite number since childhood, and just looks lovely to the eyes.  The shape of the 8 reflect the balance and control that the 8 embodies.  Balance!  That was my New Year's resolution that I have not forgotten just yet, remember Temperance?  In February I'm going to work so hard to actually bring this balance into my life.  The key to balance is a little bit of everything in moderation.  My goal for February is to study and master moderation.  It isn't an easy goal but I know making changes in my life (especially reigning in my little Temperance drinking problem ;) will be very satisfying and fulfilling.  I want to constantly improve my life and the VIII of Pentacles is here for me in February, reminding me that determination and commitment to a goal pays off and leads to the creation of a beautiful, well-constructed, and successful life.  This weekend I'm making detailed plans for moderation in all aspects of my life, but especially health and spiritual well-being.  The VIII of Pentacles vibe is very conducive to specific plans and measurements in order to meticulously and objectively determine progress, so lists are being made, rules created, and also rewards pinpointed.  Change is difficult and hard work deserves recognition, like perhaps a massage for little old me :)  I can't wait to see how the energy of the VIII of Pentacles supports me this month!