A King Amongst Cups

cups14  Well hello handsome ;)  Someday I want to grow up and be just like you Mr. King of Cups.  Generally speaking, we are all capable of taking on the characteristics of each of the court cards in the tarot deck, be it Page, Knight, Queen, or King.  Being an introvert, it isn't hard for me to connect to the inward looking energy of the Queen cards, but something about the outward focus of the Kings is a challenge to me.  I do think it's good to challenge myself often though, so whenever this guy comes up as my card of the day, or in a tarot spread I do for myself, I know that he is there to remind me to always grow and try and expand. I am a part of this society and the King of Cups gives me guidance on how to be the best part of it I can be. The characteristics that best describe the King of Cups are: generosity, emotional balance, diplomacy, and compassion.  He is a master of his own emotions and can utilize and project that mastery onto his interactions with other people to everyone's advantage.  I definitely aspire to have a deep understanding of my emotional needs and inner self so I can calmly navigate any of life’s dilemmas.  The King of Cups has this beautiful combination of intelligence and intuition that is indispensable to someone trying to learn tarot, like me.  He also knows how to bring harmony and temperance into his relationships with other people and is often sought out for wise counsel.  As I've said before,  I am striving big time for more Temperance energy in my life this year :)

I often get this card when I ask the tarot what kind of energy I should bring to a social event I'm about to attend.  Actually, he's come up so many times for this particular question, that I don't even feel the need to ask the tarot what kind of energy to bring to a social engagement- I just know to channel the King of Cups.  This King is very loving and fun (and comes with his own cup!), but he is also good at reading different people's motives and needs so that good communication can flow and misunderstandings can be avoided.  He also reminds me to be generous and accepting of other people and their disparate needs.   I love it when the tarot can create this kind of insight and change in my understanding of myself.  Now it's Saturday night so this King of Cups is going out to the bar to see some live music.  Cheers!