A Tarot Reading for the New Moon in Libra

Happy New Moon in Libra! The first crescent of the next lunar phase will happen on September 30th, 2019. With this new light comes a beautiful opportunity for setting intentions for the month ahead using the strengths of the Libra energy that is in the air. Of course, not only is the Moon in Libra at this time but also the Sun! Oh, and let’s not forget that Mercury and Venus are also hanging out in Libra right now as well, and will soon be joined by Mars. So much of that balanced, charming, and diplomatic Libra energy in the air!

The New Moon in Libra is an excellent time to consider the concept of balance and how it relates to your life. There is a shared perception that keeping the various aspects of our lives in harmonious balance will bring greater joy and peace to our lives. We want to have a healthy work/life balance.  We want to eat a balanced diet. We want to balance our inner and outer worlds.  Do you believe in these ideas? Do you seek greater balance in your life? If balance is something you wish to align yourself with, this New Moon in Libra is an excellent time to invite that balance into your life, to set the intention to achieve a greater sense of equilibrium.

Here’s what the tarot has to say at this New Moon to help you set the intention to invoke balance:

The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck: IX of Wands reversed, Ace of Pentacles reversed, The Chariot reversed

The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck: IX of Wands reversed, Ace of Pentacles reversed, The Chariot reversed

First, you will notice that we drew all reversals for this reading. This points an arrow towards spending more time on your inner world overall. Perhaps the last Moon cycle saw you getting a lot of things organized and tidied up with the Virgo New Moon. Now that your outer world is well adjusted and routines are put in place, the coming Moon cycle could use a little bit more self reflection and meditation time, more time having little artist dates by yourself, and connecting with your inner wisdom.

Where do I need to seek greater balance in my life?- IX of Wands reversed

It’s time to stop thinking so much about what other people are doing. It can be so easy to fall into the comparison trap, constantly checking in to see what the “competition” is up to and feeling less than worthy because of the (perceived) amazing accomplishments of others. There is no need to compare yourself to anyone but yourself. Ask yourself if you’re living up to your potential, if you’re making progress towards becoming the future you who you envision? That’s the only comparing you need to do. Stop looking at what other people are doing if all it makes you feel is unworthy.

You also need to stop worrying about what other people think of you. There’s a tendency, especially with Libra energy in the air, to try and make everyone like you, appreciate you, and validate you. Listen up!, that just isn’t possible. You can’t go around worrying about who you are going to offend or provoke or “lose” if you were to be your authentic self. Remember, the only person you need to worry about pleasing and validating is yourself. Do no hold yourself back, keep yourself small, or remain silent, when we need your voice to be heard in the world. We need your truth, not your people-pleasing.

How can I foster and support this balance?- Ace of Pentacles reversed

Don’t start any new projects or routines this month. I hereby give you permission to take a month off from the new. That doesn’t let you off the hook for actualizing the things that you already have on your plate or your to do list, or your vision board, though! There is so much gold there, so much awesome stuff that you are working on and integrating right now. Keep at it. Really push yourself to grow the seeds you have already planted. If you suffer from shiny, new object (or project) syndrome, I’m seriously close-talking to you right now. New ideas are great, but they aren’t what will bring balance and joy into your life right now. You’re going to get a whole heck of lot more out of following through than blasting off in a new direction.

It’s also important to remember that seeds take time to grow. If you have been working on something for a long time and are starting to get frustrated that more progress is not evident- be patient. Patience is a virtue! All good things come to people who wait! Okay, I’m not suggesting that you wait, but if you’ve been doing, doing, doing and still aren’t getting the results you are hoping for, it’s probably because the timing is just not right at present. Get still. Check in with yourself. Make sure there aren’t mental blocks or emotional resistance that you need to work through before big changes can happen on the outside. Get right with what is happening on the inside first, and then see the world around you change to reflect that inner centering.

What is blocking my ability to find or work within this balance?- The Chariot reversed

It’s time to focus. Like I was writing before, you aren’t going to find balance if you’re always running off in a new direction after the best new thing. You need to slow down. You need to hone in. And you’ll need to ride the waves. Here’s a little secret for you- life can’t be in constant balance. Sometimes you are going to be riding high, energized, all systems go and other times you’re going to be down in the dumps, unable to get out of bed. It’s about knowing when you need to push and knowing when you need to back off. It’s about allowing yourself to be sad or slow without berating or judging yourself. This is about inner knowing, and that takes self-reflection. Do you know yourself well to effectively drive your Chariot?

A good way to check in with yourself is journaling. You can use good old pen and paper, type up a document, or even do an audio journal recording on your phone. Ask yourself the questions we just used for the tarot but instead of pulling cards, just let your mind flow in your own words. Let it be stream of consciousness, devoid of paragraphs or even whole sentences. See what spills out of you when you let it out without editing or form or a need to “get it right”. Then you can work through your reflections to come up with your intentions for the moonth ahead. Will you intend to bring more balance into your life?

One last thought about The Chariot reversed- we are now moving past the Equinox, transitioning from one season into the next. The Chariot rules the summer season (winter in the southern hemisphere), since The Chariot represents Cancer, which is the cardinal sign we come into at that Solstice. The cardinal sign we come into at this Equinox is Justice. So we are currently leaving the summer energy of The Chariot behind and moving into fall energy or Justice energy at this time. Justice is balance and we have the next three months to explore the ups and down, the balancing act of Justice. In order to move towards that balance we may have to move away from the fast action Chariot pace of summer and move into a more focused and slow swing with Justice.

There you have it! Another New Moon reading for another wonderful New Moon. I’m going to take my own advice and go journal my little heart out. I’m currently available for email reading, Skype readings, and in-person readings in the Southern Vermont area. Get in touch if you would like to reflect together about where you are at in your life right now and where you would like to go. I love to help people gain clarity about what is keeping them stuck, what is confusing them, and how they can create the amazing lives they want to make for themselves, all while using the pretty cards of tarot! Happy New Moon!

Deirdre Doran