Tarot Reading for the Full Moon in Pisces

Happy Full Moon in Pisces! This Full Moon has an ethereal quality. There is a dreaminess now, as you seemingly float through your life. Normal grounding activities will not have the same effectiveness. You can feel untethered, unbound, out of time.

Use this time to enter into lightness, to shed the baggage that has held you down in the past, to feel what it’s like to drift along the river of life with open arms, instead of grasping hands.

The Full Moon in Pisces is a time of deep healing. You can heal within yourself and you can extend that healing out into the world around you. This healing starts from self love and stretches out into love for all that exists in the Universe.

This is a time for dreaming, both in sleep and waking. Record your dreams and look for signs and symbols that reflect back to you in the waking world. Spend some time daydreaming your perfect life and your perfect world. Know that there are actions you can take to bring your dreams into real life. 

There is a quietness to this month’s release work, a sense of calm. Pisces intuitively understands how deep and affecting it is to release. This understanding extends to a cellular level. It’s a pure knowing within the body, beyond conscious awareness.

Pisces Full Moon energy allows you to release relationships that no longer serve you and to do so with loving kindness. This could be a relationship with a person, place, career, object, etc. You may need to release relationships that were profound and life-altering. This releasing is done with gratitude and acceptance that the relationship has run its course. It’s time to say thank you and goodbye with full reverence for the sacredness of all the relationships that shaped you into your present self. 

Here’s what the tarot has to offer us today at this Full Moon in Pisces:

Ostara Tarot:   The Star,   V of Pentacles reversed,   III of Pentacles reversed

Ostara Tarot: The Star, V of Pentacles reversed, III of Pentacles reversed

How can you best utilize the  boundless and free-flowing energy of Pisces?- The Star

Be hopeful. There is always a lesson to be learned in every situation. There is a silver lining. I know that positivity can get a bad rap. People think it’s too much pressure and too rose-tinted glasses. So, perhaps it’s best not to go around telling other people to look on the bright side, but what if you just told yourself to do it? What if you stopped insulting yourself, ridiculing yourself, judging yourself harshly? What if you decided you weren’t defeated, a failure, incapable, stupid, unworthy, not enough? You don’t have to replace those thoughts with positivity, but you could at least stop being a huge jerk to yourself. Would that be such a terrible thing to try?

I think we do need more hope in the world though, more positivity, more looking on the bright side. I think people are waking up, that enlightened ideas and feelings are spreading. I choose to be optimistic simply because it feels better to me. And honestly, who knows if the light or the dark is winning? What do you gain by believing that the world is going to hell in a hand basket? Does that give your permission to not be creative, live your joy, love your beloveds, be a kind person? Use this Full Moon to release the idea that everything is total shit. It’s not. It’s just not. Allow a little hope into your life.

What healing can you offer yourself and others at this time?- III of Pentacles reversed

You can offer healing by not separating yourself from humanity. The more oneness, the more connection, the more teamwork you bring into your life, the more healing extends into the planet. You don’t have to approach the world from a place of competition. You don’t have to be better, smarter, faster, make more money, be more successful than someone else. You simply need to be yourself, to create your vision, to do your best. Measure yourself against your potential. Are you being all that you can be? Are you doing the best you can? What would your future self think of the person you are now? Would they be proud of you?

Be the healing that the world needs by making sure that you are contributing your share to the goodness of this world. No one person can save this planet. We all need to do our part. Try to simply do your part and allow that other people are doing their parts as well. You don’t have to be a martyr or a savior. You also don’t get to be totally lazy and sit around watching TV all day. There is a place for you in the middle, something you can contribute to heal yourself, each other, the world. Just do your part. I’ll do the same.

How can you release relationships that no longer serve you?- V of Pentacles reversed

Ah, loves, this is hard. Releasing relationships is difficult, soul-wrenching, and often messy work. Know that that you don’t have to do it perfectly. You can really make a mess of things and that’s okay. Moving on isn’t always graceful and easeful. You might lash out, embarrass yourself, say stupid things that you don’t mean, etc. That’s okay. You can still do this, even if it’s awkward and it hurts. There may not be a perfect process by which you can extract yourself without making any waves, without hurting any feelings, without looking like an asshole or a crazy person. Don’t wait around for some mythical future in which you are the perfect person who exits with grace and full admiration from others. Be brave enough to do this separation as you clumsy self.

Happy Full Moon in Pisces!!

You will be able to forgive yourself for any mistakes you make. You will be able to stabilize yourself again and redefine yourself afterwards. The process of letting go might look pretty messy, but you won’t be going through it forever. You’ll come out on the other side and things will get back to a new normal. And you know what? That new normal will be so much better than where you are at right now. It will be worth the effort, the embarrassments, the struggles, the vulnerability of it all. Don’t wait another day. The sooner you get started, the sooner you will come out on the other side, stronger, freer, more authentically yourself.

Deirdre Doran