Shine Your Light with the Queen of Wands

Queen of Wands Rider Waite tarot At the beginning of 2017 I drew a tarot card for each month of the year. I love drawing a tarot card for just about anything, but the first day of the year seems like a 'must do' tarot reading day, right? I think so! I like to think about the card that I drew during that month and also look back on it after the month is over. For January, 2017 I drew the Queen of Wands. I had a lot of thoughts about this Queen during the month and took some notes about her that I would love to share in this blog posts.

First of all, the Queens are all feminine, introspective, emotionally mature cards to me. I will read any Queen as a feeling of knowing. A Queen knows who she is and what she is capable of doing. Actually, a Queen doesn't have to do anything at all. She feels, senses, and flow with the knowledge that she is perfectly designed for this lifetime. She chose her body, her family, and her time and place of birth so that she would be right here, right now. Whenever you need that reassurance that you are whole and right where you need to be, channel the energy of your favorite Queen. Once your energy is a vibrational matched to hers, your questioning and anxiety will dissipate. Keep your favorite Queen always close to your heart.


The Queen of Wands is fire energy. She is light. She is bright, bold, lit up, brave, courageous, fiery and free. The Queen of Wands is an inspiration to us all to embody the light we want to bring into the world. She is not distressed, anxious, or afraid of the darkness because she understands the without darkness her light cannot shine. Darkness does not dampen her light, it makes it more distinct and burn brighter. The Queen of Wands recognizes the strength and mutual opposition of her light and the darkness in the world. They work in harmony and her part is essential. The Queen of Wands doesn't quit when the going gets tough. She is exhilarated by the need for her skill, emotional capacity, and brilliant light.

The Queen of Wands is also a highly physical card. She is present and at home in her body. She knows that her physical form is exactly as it was born to be and it is perfect. The Queen of Wands doesn't subscribe to to the rigid, unrealistic standards of the beauty industry. She knows that corporations are just after her money. The system is trying to make her feel bad about herself so that she will buy more products. The Man also wants to keep her busy focusing on superficialities so that she is distracted from the big picture. Oh, but the Queen of Wands will not be fooled. She wants a place at the top where a Queen belongs. She is a leader, not a follower, and she will not be subject to society's rules if they are based on suppression, fear, and stealing her power. She has a fiery feminist outlook because she loves the ideals of equality and sharing leadership.

Queen of Wands Shadowscapes Tarot

The Queen of Wands is an expert at listening to her soul's calling. Her soul is telling her that she is here, at this time and place in history, because she chose it. She has something to learn from being a brave woman and, of course, she has incredible things to contribute. The Queen of Wands is your friend when you doubt your inner knowing, when you think, "Oh, I am fat and ugly. I don't have anything interesting to say. I can't do a job I'm passionate about. I have no talent or skills." Just imagine her smiling and shining and blessing you. She doesn't have to say anything but rather just show you that you and she are the same. You are bright, brave, and fierce just like the Queen of Wands. We all have this capacity inside of us. You have a purpose and a passion. You are here to play your part and you can't help but play it beautifully because it is what you were born to do.